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...and they lived happily ever after. Smith & Lady: poets, artists, photographers & adventurers.
Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

Lady Poem 8-25-2016

August 25th, 2016

Player piano
presses type in prayer to platen
thinks about the future and its audience
now, a lonely chandelier

Friends in balconies –

Theater curtain whooshes open to acts
and splashes closed
to plaudits


bothers grim

August 25th, 2016


Bothers Grim
(a fairy tale for adults)

Sneeze and blow
bleed and bow
keep on the go
pay rent somehow
tighten your belt
loose your ethics
gotta stay svelte
and avoid car mechanics
run the rat trap
keep moving the wheel
the top’s where it’s at
the hurt of the deal
stab folk in back
betray all your friends
give no one slack
for the race never ends
there is no joy
or beauty or love
you’re in our employ
we rule from above
you’re nothing but chattel
we own your soul
treat you like cattle
keep you in owe
no end to this game
you’re treated like sheep
your loss is our gain
your profits we keep
go on and drink booze
but keep off the grass
no matter you lose
cuz we own your ass

– Smith, 8.25.2016

whatthefluxwhat the flux?


Spock would not approve

August 24th, 2016

notthiswaynot this way


Fuck the many
for the good of the few

– Smith, 8.24.2016

nowayno way


to relieve, one must 1st leave

August 23rd, 2016

blowingsmokeblowing smoke

Minimal List

To relieve, one must first leave

I started out as a prophet
but turned into a loss

We know never enough till too far gone

It’s Taser Nation over all
with liberty and justice revocable

Sentient meat meeting scent of rent

In movies there’s always
a full moon, instant parking, and no horseshit

For sum why I’m still working lie

“Myself am hell” says Satan to the sheep
as he dons his best worsted

Owling at the moon

We have big at our fingers
do so little with it

Don’t judge out loud in print or crowd

Are we many or one? Or none?
I step in truth and scrape it off my shoe

System rigged rotten from top trickle down bottom

This is not an issue
as they say in the magazine trade

I’m a blues singer in a synth band

The man who had the first penis transplant,
did that make his wife an adulteress?

Use natural ass gas, harness the farts

Red White & Boom or read write & bloom?
fix the system, don’t blame the symptoms

Raise sin to sensation, peel feel from ground

One must fight atomic weapons, death rays
and machine mind

Don’t beat a dead hearse

End quote from a dying computer:
All men go to good earth in one eternal silent night

I know I are but what am you?

– Smith, 8.23.2016

gasiscutgas is cut


eating dirt while dreaming sky

August 22nd, 2016


Status Report 233

The lotus flower blooms unblemished
from muck of mud and dirt

I was born drenched in filth
rich in original sin

My petals wilt from want of sun
as I watch enpowered orb

Seems I’m more like maybe moon
stark in cold and dim

I wanted so to grow to star
bright in distant am

But star too far beyond my reach
so worm crawl inch by inch

Eating dirt while dreaming sky
no arms to scratch this itch

– Smith, 8.22.2016



Lady K foto collages of me as Gandhi, Nixon, etc

August 21st, 2016





foto collages by Lady K with me as Gandhi, Duchamp, Brahma. Nixon, Jesus, Waylon Jennings


7 random fotos, no words

August 20th, 2016











9 fotos worth way more than 9,000 words

August 19th, 2016












2 pages of comix by Blue7 aka John Mann

August 18th, 2016

blue7comic1Blue7 comic page 1, 2010

Two comics from Blue7 aka John Mann, a storyboard artist who’s worked on 28 Hollywood films including Iron Man 2, Ben Hur, American Sniper, Cowboys & Aliens, Superman Returns, Men In Black 2, Godzilla, Star Trek First Contact, et al. He was going to illustrate my memoir (Stations of the Lost & Found, a True Tale of Armed Robbery, Stolen Cars, Outsider Art, Mutant Poetry, Underground Publishing, Robbing the Cradle, and Leaving the Country by Smith & Lady) back in 2010 but got sidetracked and dropped the project. We met him and his wife in Krakow, Poland, saw them again in Morocco, and a third time at the 2009 Rainbow Gathering in New Mexico.

He was going to get six more cartoonists to illustrate seven segments of the memoir and put it out as a comic book, but put it off when he started working on The Twilight Saga – Breaking Down parts 1&2, and then he and his wife moved back to Krakow, then to Spain, so the project’s dead. But I do have these two fine pages.

John Mann’s IMDB resume –


Going into the forest she said
We need to find a way to find our way
back where we’ve been

Easy he replied
we’ll drop bread crumbs to follow

That won’t work she sighed
the birds will eat our trail

Then we’ll use poisoned crumbs
and follow the dead birds back

– Smith, 8.18.2016

blue7comic2Blue7 comic page 2 , 2010


just a lad that’s lazy

August 17th, 2016

light pitlightpit

Status Report 232

There’s night
there’s light
there’s might and maybe
and lately there’s in-between

I’m not good
I’m not too bad
I’m just a lad that’s lazy

– Smith, 8.17.2016



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