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...and they lived happily ever after. Smith & Lady: poets, artists, photographers & adventurers.
Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

Out at the In-laws 14

October 20th, 2014

in-law’s barn top

Out at the In-laws 14

Driving one-armed east
with surgically inserted new bone
of chrome and cobalt and clay
through sunlit pastel patches
of reds and yellows
and peach green leaf against blue sky,
50 degrees,
shoulder pain soothed by autumn shift,
we’re Ashtabula bound
to prepare land for spring bees,
outlaw laugh with in-laws,
eat vegetarian pizza,
see amateur Little Shop of Horrors
played way well,
all topped with apple kuchen,
then cracken home
she asleep
me alone in dark at wheel
with ever expanding arm
returning from its grave.

– Smith, 10.20.2014

in-law leaf


Un-Alone Again, Naturally

October 19th, 2014

Ode to Wild Bees by Lady K
her entry for Peoples Art Show 2014

Un-Alone Again, Naturally

My goal has always been to live ALONE.

1946-1963 I lived with my parents
1963-68 US Navy
1968 roommate
1968-69 finally lived ALONE for half a year
1969-70 first wife Robin Redbreast
1971 county jail
1972-75 first wife
1975 six months ALONE
1975-76 roommate
1976 parents
1976-77 brother Cat
1977 three months with my adultress and her husband
1977-1981 ALONE
1981 brother Cat
1982-3 ALONE
1983-85 artist Masumi Hayashi
1985-90 ALONE
1990-2005 mom Mother Dwarf
2005 three months ALONE
2005 till rest our life with Lady wife.

Score: 11 years ALONE, 57 not.

- Smith, 10.19.2014

Ode to Wild Bees by Lady K
her entry for Peoples Art Show 2014


Conversation with Wife 10

October 17th, 2014

Chiplis studio

I’m so grateful to finally get two hours of horizontal sleep. Been catching snatches of upright sleep in a broken Lazy Boy chair that won’t recline since I got home from the shoulder replacement two weeks ago.

My left shoulder’s down to an uncomfortable dull constant aching tightness, which can’t be too bad cuz I went 20 hours without Tylenol yesterday, and this is way better than where I was — those 1st nine days after the cutting were brutal. I had these little mind attacks of claustrophobic helplessness that were pushing me places I didn’t want to know, so refused to go.

One pain pill left. Use it tonight for a couple more hours bed sleep.

Yet another camera died. Must be 10 dead cheap small digital cameras over the past 12 years — Casios and Nikons. We were in Target at the time so got a new Nikon for $99.

Conversation with Wife 10

I’m a piss and shit machine.

“No you’re not.”

Yes I am. I consume raw materials
and convert them to piss and shit.

“You also create.”

Creation’s a by-product of piss and shit.
Or piss and shit’s a by-product of creation.

- Smith, 10.17.2014

Chiplis studio



October 16th, 2014


Taste of sleep on my breath
haze of half here

friendly, slow morning talk
like fresh sheets

Cat energetic
some kind of lucid movie
in peripheral awareness

Paco Pena playing
and the anticipation
of breakfast

So lucky

~ Lady


Ur Mom

October 15th, 2014

fortune tell

Ur Mom

Some new fone spam scam?
Or misdial maybe?

Got a text saying “Ur mom hit that number”
from # 1055983176.

Guess I’m sposed to call and ask what’s going on.
I know there are a couple fone bill scams
that require the pigeon to call.

Of course since mom’s been dead 9 years now,
I spose there’s no hurry calling back.

Unless it’s a message from the other side.

Guess I’ll play the lottery today,
use false fone number,
bet $3 on Mom to win.

– Smith, 10.15.2014

Used the actual fone# from the text (the # above is phoney) plus Mom data to buy three tickets just now.

So now that my future is resolved, let’s assess the present.

I’m amazed that 15 days ago they cut out my left shoulder, replaced it with an upsidedown cobalt, chrome, and clay facsimile, and sent me home 24 hours later.

First nine days were bad – pain, discomfort, but the body trauma and surgery exhaustion were handled by the pain pills and lots of sleep.

Each of the six days since has been an exponential explosion of improvement. My pain meds were supposed to run out 4 days ago, yet still have four left. The old Smith would have gobbled the pills in 7 days and suffered the rest. Old dog learn new trick.

the other side


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