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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
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Lady K’s spring 2017 issue of The City

Saturday, April 15th, 2017

Lady K published her online seasonal poetry/art journal this morning minutes before we left for the MetroPark Canalway reading celebrating it.

Absolutely excellent issue featuring Laura Dumm, Robert Lee Haycock, Bree Zlee Bodnar, Michael Joseph Arcangelini, Tim Joyce, Marc Steven Mannheimer, Chris Cipriani, Russell Vidrick, John Swain, Christina M. Brooks, Tim Green, Maj Ragain, Heather Ann Schmidt, D.R. Wagner, Satya Robin, Jim Lang, Kevin Eberhardt, Lady K, and me.

The City Spring 2017 issue – see we for free here >

Spring 2017


A White-breasted Nuthatch
a Red-bellied Woodpecker
and an American Goldfinch
meet and eat at the suet
with nary a bomb in sight

though two male Cardinal reds
do fight flight
over yellowbrown female friend

– Smith, 4.15.2017



better clown than clone

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

painting of Smith by Ken Motz

Self Portrait 2

Better clown than clone
better up than down

Worse with people than alone
prefer smile over frown


Self Portrait 3

Of the hour of the wolf
(3 to 5 am)
plus the hour of the ghosts
and the hour of the owl
(dawn and dusk)
I’m in dawn of owl

– Smith, 1.10.2017

painting of Smith by Ken Motz


sepia past oozes wet and warm

Monday, January 9th, 2017

detail of piece by Mother Dwarf Smith 1926-2005

Flow Chart

Sepia past
oozes wet and warm
through hand-colored present

Blacks turn grey
darks leak light
lets loss in again

Pain of birth
fades in time
with child’s growth

Remembered thens
infect now
in season’s intersect

Old wrong turns
map expectations
tint situational current

And so we let it all go
wait in slow grow
to know

– Smith, 1.9.2017




Wednesday, January 4th, 2017


Conversation with Wife 32

“Why did the French man leave the beaten path?”
No idea.
“Toulouse Lautrec.”

You gettin’ up?
Good, I’m taking your spot of heat in bed.
“You a thermofile?”
No, I’m more of a thermofolder.
My first pun of the day…

You’re putting sugar in your coffee
“Why not, it’s New Year’s day.”
But I offered sugar this morning
and you said no.
“I have my whims.”
Your what?
“My whims, my whims, my whims.”
Is that why you’re called women?

Are your nail-polished toes going to show?
So they’re no show toes
I used to hunt noshotos in Japan
on the island
around the base of that big mountain

Rubbing the bristles on my cheek,
I tell Lady, you know, I’m part werewolf…
though not werewolf exactly-
more their distant cousins, the waswolves.

– Smith, 1.4.2017



13 months of Smith in Medusa’s Kitchen

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017


Blue Plate Special

Imagine me
amongst the upper crust.

I was in Baltimore’s Blue Book
for seven years.

Married into it,
divorced out of it.

Which more empty
before or after?

– Smith, 1.3.2017


Here are my past 13 months of Medusa’s Kitchen visits…

December 2015
Januweary 2016
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March 2016
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My first appearance in Medusa’s Kitchen was after meeting D.R. Wagner at the annual Beat Celebration poetry reading at the Barking Spider in September 2015 hosted by Dianne Borsenik. He liked my opening found Ferlinghetti poem so he included it at the end of one of his weekly Saturday features the next month, and I used that introduction to slip in the door monthly. – poems and fotos by D.R. Wagner with last poem by Smith.

Kathy Kieth is the publisher/editor, and she puts up a new post everyday… and she has a magic eye for layout.

squirrel hanging upside down trying to get birdseed


knock on would

Monday, January 2nd, 2017


In the mind mess of upcoming loss of one neckbone, car being hit in side, and MandyCat dying, I forgot to post my December 23rd feature in Medusa’s Kitchen – check out 9 poems, 9 fotos, and 1 fine unChristmas song at

More poems coming because Mary E. Weems, Wendy Shaffer, Celeste McCarty, Lady K, Adam Brodsky, and myself are writing a poem-a-day through Januweary.


Knock on Would

I want one thousand furry cat tails
swishing happy against my skin
as I’m soothed with the rumble
of one thousand purrs
and held captive as I gaze
into two thousand eyes
green grey orange snake
weighing me for friend or snack

– Smith, 1.2.2017



the cake lady

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016


Lady K’s become the Cake Lady.

She made an antique book cake for Michael O’Brien’s bookstore closing a week ago.

And for Christmas she made an upside down sweet onion cornbread savory cake.

And same day (it took her three days of making fondant reindeer and magic mushrooms and Christmas trees, plus the white chocolate birch bark) she made a gingerbread cake (which included Guinness Stout as an ingredient) with whipping cream & mascarpone cheese icing, surrounded by white & dark chocolate birch bark topped by a scene of trees, magic mushrooms, and a reindeer of homemade fondant.

Then she made a fondant bull because she gives one family member a homemade bull each Christmas to inspire financial success in the coming year.

I’ll be putting up an agentofchaos page documenting all this in a few weeks, but here’s a taste of her Christmas baking.



lizard brain wants!

Thursday, December 8th, 2016


Lizard Brain Wants!

I’m down to strong grass
and strong coffee
and I’m out of grass.

Time to sage the soul.

– Smith, 12.8.2016



Tsi-s-de-tsi, the 4-foot mouse Captain

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

her third try at drawing Tsi-s-de-tsi
her first two attempts

Lady’s been writing an alternate Earth novel where a 4-foot female Cherokee mouse named Tsi-s-de-tsi is Captain of a large ocean sailing ship with a crew of 6-foot rats who have rescued a young human girl named Beatrice and an even younger human boy named Hill. It’s for both children and adults. She has 64 pages so far, and the writing is beautiful, the story interesting.

Here’s a taste of four recent pages.

I pronounce Tsi-s-de-tsi (the Cherokee word for mouse) as Siesta-sea, but the actual Cherokee pronunciation is something else. You’d have to check online for itthe correct pronunciation.

She reads each new section to me as it is written, and I am thoroughly enjoying it.



more fee will if you please

Saturday, November 26th, 2016


This is my 12th month featuring in Medusa’s Kitchen… 9 poems, 9 fotos, 1 song.

As usual, editor/publisher Kathy Kieth’s layout is superb. I’m grateful for her generosity.

Now to continue month by month into the unforeseeable future.


Philosophy 113

Free will ain’t free
more fee will if you please
when you don’t bow down on knees


Philosophy 114

Philosophy is song sung of soul and self
to restock the shelf

A few hints to focus flow
help shoulder the burden of go

Every moment has 360 degrees of exit
but when is best to flex it?

Can’t stay past, future ain’t here
then don’t last, when not near

Don’t run the wheel
repeal the deal

Past talk shapes tomorrow’s lips


Philosophy 115

As the child is father to the man
we are mother to our darkness
give birth to our own sin


Philosophy 116

Gettin’ weary but ain’t givin’ up
this burden on back busting my nut
keep sloggin’ thru muck
hopin’ for luck
but fuck
can’t quit cuz no consolation prize
unless reward is giving up lies
otherwise work till you die
in this worship of why

– Smith, 11.26.2016



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