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Archive for the ‘Philosophy’ Category

philosophy 146-150

Monday, May 8th, 2017

Philosophy 146

Just cuz they been to school
don’t mean they’re educated


Philosophy 147

If you’re not pissedĀ about what’s going on
you’re not paying attention


Philosophy 148

The leaves aren’t leavin’
they’re comin’ soon


Philosophy 149

Sitting on old wood bench
in tiny flower park
in new day sun
the rhododendrons wrapped in red:

life is better for the basics


Philosophy 150

Most of us gotta be poor
so the rich can be rich

We gotta pay taxes
so they can cheat

We need be good
so they can be bad

We can’t be them
cuz they need us to be had

– Smith, 5.8.2017


philosophies 143, 144, 145

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

Philosophy 143

Dawn is the daughter
day the drone
what comes after
is ours alone


Philosophy 144

Body wants me in chair
Bladder wants meĀ in bathroom


Philosophy 145

I am my own statue
upon which I shit

– Smith, 5.6.2017


bone strides earth

Friday, March 17th, 2017

Philosophy 140

Meat rides bone.
Spirit rides meat.
Bone strides earth.

When it’s pain
“It will pass.”

When there’s joy
“This is now.”

– Smith, 3.17.2017


the dead are just dessert

Sunday, February 5th, 2017

Philosophy 139

Life eats the living
the dead are just dessert

– Smith, 2.5.2017


black cat moan

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017


Philosophy 136

Nothing’s black and white,
not even black and white.

~ ~ ~

Philosophy 137

We all got our own buttons to push,
never see the other’s hand

~ ~ ~

Philosophy 138

Got the black cat moan
the under-ladder blues
if it were me alone
don’t know what I’d do

So I walk the endless girth
both latitude and long
of our broken earth
for Mother Nature’s song

Poking puzzle pieces
sorting through the trash
hoping ire ceases
trying not to be an ash

Ain’t found much
no eight-fold road
it depends on whom we touch
how we share the load

So brighten the corner
where you are
believe like Mister Rogers
kindness ripples far

– Smith, 1.17.2017



philosophy 128-135

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

well of imagining

Philosophy 128

I figure a bunch of little nothings
add up to something.


Philosophy 129

People plop down
then build up
do things
poop a lot
eat the forest for the trees.


Philosophy 130

Whaddya mean OK?
It’s K L M N O, not O K.


Philosophy 131

New life
doesn’t replace old life
but does keep the game going.


Philosophy 132

Don’t hurt the hive,
care for the commons.


Philosophy 133

There are two times to write poems –
when the sun goes down,
and before it’s up.


Philosophy 134

Here’s to the ornamental grasses
the textures of the trees
the way of the wind
the weave of the rain
the day or the night mixed with each.


Philosophy 135

Life is a marathon
whose finish line keeps moving
down the road a piece
so you can’t win.

It’s like cutting onions for tear soup,
the recipe never ends.

– Smith, 1.11.2017

life dance


philosophy 117-121

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

spring will come again

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Philosophy 117

Life’s a beach
and then you dive


Philosophy 118

Gotta re-leave myself
too much money bizness


Philosophy 119

Flesh is such sorrow
from worm would to mold


Philosophy 120

Six layers in search of a surface
lost & profound

Spirit up, bone down
the dance since chance began

Soul high, flesh low
all run by remote control

We start inside
don’t end outside


Philosophy 121

Just like Sisyphus
it’s endless

– Smith 11.27.2016

spring from winter


more fee will if you please

Saturday, November 26th, 2016


This is my 12th month featuring in Medusa’s Kitchen… 9 poems, 9 fotos, 1 song.

As usual, editor/publisher Kathy Kieth’s layout is superb. I’m grateful for her generosity.

Now to continue month by month into the unforeseeable future.


Philosophy 113

Free will ain’t free
more fee will if you please
when you don’t bow down on knees


Philosophy 114

Philosophy is song sung of soul and self
to restock the shelf

A few hints to focus flow
help shoulder the burden of go

Every moment has 360 degrees of exit
but when is best to flex it?

Can’t stay past, future ain’t here
then don’t last, when not near

Don’t run the wheel
repeal the deal

Past talk shapes tomorrow’s lips


Philosophy 115

As the child is father to the man
we are mother to our darkness
give birth to our own sin


Philosophy 116

Gettin’ weary but ain’t givin’ up
this burden on back busting my nut
keep sloggin’ thru muck
hopin’ for luck
but fuck
can’t quit cuz no consolation prize
unless reward is giving up lies
otherwise work till you die
in this worship of why

– Smith, 11.26.2016



philosophies – 4 for the price of none

Thursday, November 24th, 2016


Philosophy 109

It ain’t what it iz
or iz what it ain’t
just iz what it iz

– Smith, 11.24.2016


Philosophy 110

Anger as seasoning is okay
but for main course it’s poison

– Smith, 11.24.2016


Philosophy 111

Arranged relationships
prudent marriages
sacred lies

We go from room to room
testing the precepts
touching the tiles

– Smith, 11.24.2016


Philosophy 112

Seeking new path chanting old chant
working the koans for better chance

Wake up ten, wear down to one
go back to bed, recycle again

Flow from dream to fog of wake
mind schemes, body aches

Been here before, be here again
won’t know the score until it all ends

– Smith, 11.24.2016



light… dark… light… dark…

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016


Philosophy 108

I follow the streetlights into the night
light… dark… light… dark…
like my life

– Smith, 11.22.2016



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