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new book – Where Never Was Already Is – 244 poems, 29 pieces of art

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

I have a new book of poetry out – Where Never Was Already Is – on Crisis Chronicles Press, publisher/editor John Burroughs.

324 pages – $15 – 6″ x 9″ – 244 poems, 29 collages – 5.5 cents per item.

The poems cover 54 years – 1960s: 2, 1970s: 6, 1980s: 9, 1990s: – 10, 2000s: 29, 2010s: 188.

One collage is by Lady K. Smith, and 5 of the poems are co-written by her.

Order at:

titles of the 27 reading rooms
each room has its own collage
1: Men as Birds and Women as Water
2: Broken Crumbs in the Snow
3: The Melancholy of the Cycle Calling
4: Weren’t for Monk, I’d Catch Coltrane
5: Yesterday’s Gone, Tomorrow Ain’t Here
6: The Homework Ate My Dog
7: Red Wheelbarrow, Dusky Attic, Dancing in the Dark
8: No Wrapped Supply of Fly
9: We Who Rise in Heat from Dream
10: With Drum and Tune of Bone Prevail
11: That Little Snake
12: Eating Dirt While Dreaming Sky
13: Light… Dark… Light… Dark…
14: Unbowed Before the Bacon
15: Shadow in Search of Sun
16: Womb Warm Wonder
17: for Lady K., wife, collaborator, partner, friend
18: Sometimes Sleep Slides Us
19: No Heart to Pierce with Truth
20: East of the Sun, West of the Moon
21: Ghost Dance of None Against my Skin
22: The Lying Moon Whispers Untruths
23: Light Like Liquid Zen
24: Do Again the Done Before
25: Surplus Meat in Land of Sharpened Teeth
26: Just Cuz It Is Don’t Mean It is
27: Meet Me in the Meat Lane


13 months of Smith in Medusa’s Kitchen

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017


Blue Plate Special

Imagine me
amongst the upper crust.

I was in Baltimore’s Blue Book
for seven years.

Married into it,
divorced out of it.

Which more empty
before or after?

– Smith, 1.3.2017


Here are my past 13 months of Medusa’s Kitchen visits…

December 2015
Januweary 2016
Febnruwary 2016
March 2016
April 2016
May 2016
June 2016
July 2016
August 2016
September 2016
October 2016
November 2016
December 2016

My first appearance in Medusa’s Kitchen was after meeting D.R. Wagner at the annual Beat Celebration poetry reading at the Barking Spider in September 2015 hosted by Dianne Borsenik. He liked my opening found Ferlinghetti poem so he included it at the end of one of his weekly Saturday features the next month, and I used that introduction to slip in the door monthly. – poems and fotos by D.R. Wagner with last poem by Smith.

Kathy Kieth is the publisher/editor, and she puts up a new post everyday… and she has a magic eye for layout.

squirrel hanging upside down trying to get birdseed


savory Lady with spice in stride

Thursday, December 24th, 2015


Status Report 146

Lovely Lady
deep sweet life
sunny shady
streaked with strife
most the gravy
comes from wife

Gimme an extra helping please
of savory Lady
with spice in stride

– Smith, 12.24.2015

Happy bornday Lady K. May the new year see your business bloom.

Lady made Christmas gingerbread cookies using honey from our hive. Don’t care for ginger, but these are tasty. Think the honey softens the savageness. We decorated them oddly. I did the misshapened one.

Kathy Kieth of Medusa’s Kitchen posted 9 poems, 10 fotos, and 1 song of mine online. She posts different poets every day, with some repeating regularly, like D.R. Wagner whom I met at BeatStreet Cleveland 2015 and who slipped me into the Kitchen by including my Ferlinghetti poem with some of his. This is a good selection of old and new poems  >>>





Philosopher Stone

Thursday, March 20th, 2014


Philosopher Stone

Some silly scoff officers
place Descartes before the horse
discourse quarter whore sports
without tracts of time
just prime data dumps for pre-penis pumps
outside the roses in reels of remorse
with the more moral morsels outsourced of course
for being ain’t spam in philosopher jam
which doesn’t disprove
or even remove
the I ache therefore I am am.

– Smith, 3.20.2014



Zen Over Zero: 69 poems, 22 collages spanning 44 years, $12

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Zen Over Zero, 2008 – foto Smith

Zen over Zero

Dog week later in mourning kitchen pouring
Coffee into my veins with a dull cup
A daze of morals and Moses
Whines and Rosicrucians
It’s raining cats and gods
And I am a fine unman

– Smith, 1974

My first book of poetry that Lady published in 2008 was titled after this poem.

Zen Over Zero, Steven B. Smith, Selected Poems 1964 – 2008
69 poems & 22 collages spanning 44 years, $12 + shipping, 6″ x 9″, 84 pages

To order:

“Smith, in poetry’s whorehouse of many rooms, you belong in the philosophical-scientific wing with us.” – Jim Lang

“Let’s face it Smith, if the song ‘My Way’ were written about your life, it would be lyrics by William S. Burroughs & music by Laurie Anderson, as performed by The Velvet Underground. The 45-RPM vinyl would have been a blue corrosion color rather than black, with Voodoo Lounge as the cover and ‘Voodoo Child’ as side B. And THAT my friend would be one highly collectible single.” – Steve Reynolds

Here’s the first poem in the book, so you’ve only 67 poems and 21 collages to go.

Grasshopper’s Tale

My life’s dog food for do gooders
Hot dodgers dogging God’s zone
Fur sure of itself
Per path and position
Point portion pursued

We who rise in heat from dream
Lick recollection loose
From cold fire’s template
Futility’s fog
We bleed in abandon
Dance dawn’s dapple light

— Smith, 1989

Zen Over Zero, pp 6-7 – foto Smith


unwritten unsubmitted poem published

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Anthology Green Panda Broad Sidling 2013

I got a poem published I didn’t write and never submitted . . . man, this poet gig’s a lot easier than I thought.

I left a FaceBook status Monday . . . three days later I receive the new Green Panda Press anthology in the mail and there’s my FaceBook comment reformatted as a poem.

Descartes Race

I don’t know if I exist or not .
. . perhaps I am but a weed
dream from some godz pipe.
But whatever I am or ain’t,
still gotta pay the bloody
rent and plod on from sun
thru moon.

Smith, 3.11.2013

Check out

That lucky old sun – art & foto Smith


real kulchur one can afford

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

front of new NightBallet Press 40-poem chapbook
foto by poet Dianne Borsenik

Here you go, *Hip Cat Femur Whack Give a Doc a Bone* — a 48-page, 40-poem, $5 Smith chapbook published 1.13.13 by NightBallet Press . . . Dianne Borsenik publisher, editor, layout artist & front cover photographer.

A mere 12.5 cents per poem, 10.41 per page . . . real kulchur one can afford, and we ain’t talking yogurt.

48 years of my life with one poem 1965, rest eight year past.

It’s a delight to me because I forgot many of these since I wrote them one night and polished and blogged them next morning, not often re-reading because they were minor notes. Through Dianne’s eyes, they are less minor than I thought.

Anyway, $5 — plus $3 shipping. You can order through NightBallet Press at or their FaceBook page

back of new 40-poem NightBallet Press chapbook
foto by poet Geoffrey Landis


new chap: Hip Cat Femur Whack Give a Doc a Bone

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Smith’s Farm – foto Smith

Dianne Borsenik’s NightBallet Press is within a week of publishing my new chapbook *Hip Cat Femur Whack Give a Doc a Bone* featuring 40 poems – one from 1965, one from 2005, two 2006, one 2009, four 2010, seventeen 2011, and fourteen 2012 . . . 47 years of poet Smith from age 19 through 66.

Excited because I gave her all my poems and let her choose . . . it is a great gift to see what other poets choose of your work, a chance to see old words in new light.

It’s likely more than 50 pages, so it’ll be $10, or 25¢ per poem (if under 50 pages, $5).

Half the poems I didn’t remember because I usually start a poem the night before, finish it next morning and immediately blog it, then go on to the next poem, frequently forgetting what’s been posted. Averaging 8-20 poems a month lately; in the old days before our 31 months of travel I was writing 5-10 poems a year.

Haven’t seen the cover yet, but believe this to be the poem flow:

Cleveland Gray
Cliff Notes
Formulating Future
Ego Disease
The Rejeculation Blues
Do Wrap
The Owl & the Pussycat Have Sex
To Every Man Who Seeks Cosmic Funk
Sofa Satori
The Doers of Perception
Six Senryu in Search of an Umbrella
House of Seven Veils
Scat Box
Running from the Quantum Cop
Rumi by Way of Dr. Seuss
On the State of the State
Hip Cat Femur Whack Give a Doc a Bone
The Wolf Who Cried Human & the Pack That Wouldn’t Believe
Rosary Candle Cable Wick
Jump Start Cable
Pome Skool
Dalai Lady
Get Me to the Witch on Time
Laptop Dance
Herb 4:20
Life Lines
Out at the In-laws
Out at the In-laws 2
Seven Year In
Walking the Wanting Wheel
In Throe of Woe
I’m Not as Bad as All That
Head Light Tail
High Wind Whether
My Children of the Me
Tonight’s Advice to Tomorrow’s Me

Just washed my face & can’t do a thing with it – foto Smith


2 covers or not 2 covers

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Street Maps For Lost Souls by John Dorsey
Smith foto on cover

This makes 12 (of 29) Crisis Chronicles Press publications that use my fotos for their cover art.

And below is one of my two 1985 covers for the WSCB radio program guide. Can’t find the other one yet.

And now a commercial break:

Coming Soonest! The proof copy of my memoir of the first 60 years of my surreal life arrives in the mail tomorrow. We’ll quickly correct the typos and be in business, which means probably within a month “Stations of the Lost & Found – a true story of armed robbery, stolen cars, outsider art, mutant poetry, underground publishing, robbing the cradle and leaving the county” by Smith & Lady will be available.

As editor Tisha Nemeth said on back in 2003, I am “everything your mother warned you about.”

You may not like me very much for much of the book, but you will remember the story.

Smith collage on cover of 1985 WCSB radio program guide


6 poets 2nite – 3 Pennsylvania, 3 Ohio

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

The Whiskey Rebellion (2011)
by Pittsburgh poets Jason Baldinger & Jerome Crooks

TONIGHT Tuesday July 3, 2012 I’ll be one of six poets in the Cleveland / Pittsburgh poetry read off at Visible Voice Book Store in Tremont (Cleveland Ohio).

Visible Voice Books
1023 Kenilworth
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Sorry for the late notice but I forgot I was reading . . . my ego must be fading.

Here’s the Crisis Chronicles Press announcement.

~ ~ ~


TUESDAY JULY 3, 2012 | 6-8pm

Three premier Pennsylvania poets collide with several of northeast Ohio’s finest at one of the best bookstores in the nation for a heap or several of anything goes poetry and revelry. The evening will begin with readings by poets with recently published chapbooks from Ohio’s Crisis Chronicles Press:

RA Washington, J.E. Stanley, Shelley Chernin, Steven B. Smith, and (all the way from Erie, PA) Cee Williams.

…followed by readings by Pittsburgh poets Jason Baldinger and Jerome Crooks, co-authors of The Whiskey Rebellion (2011, Six Gallery Press). Open mic to follow if time permits. John Burroughs will emcee if he gets back from a family emergency in Columbus; if not, Shelley Chernin will.

RA WASHINGTON is the author of close to 20 books, most recently the novella The Further Adventures of Gentleman Richards and the Crisis Chronicles Press chapbook Primer for the Vanguard Youth. He is a member of the soul punk duo, Crave, and has released ten albums under various monikers. For more, see

J.E. STANLEY is an accountant and on again/off again guitarist from the grayscale suburban wilderness of Northeastern Ohio where he is lucky enough to hang out with the Deep Cleveland Poets and the Cleveland Speculators. He is the author of Dark Intervals (vanZeno Press), Dissonance (Deep Cleveland Press), Rapid Eye Movement (Crisis Chronicles) and co-author, with Joshua Gage, of Intrinsic Night (Sam’s Dot Publishing). He continues to assert that, winged or not, Man was always meant to fly; the moon and stars were just put there as incentives.

SHELLEY CHERNIN is a 57-year-old freelance researcher, writer, and editor of legal reference books. She lives in Russell, Ohio (aka Novelty, proving that the US Postal Service once had a sense of irony). Her poems have appeared in Scrivener Creative Review, Rhapsoidia, What I Knew Before I Knew: Poems from the Pudding House Salon-Cleveland, the Heights Observer, the 2010 through 2012 Hessler Street Fair poetry anthologies and the Cuyahoga Burning edition of Big Bridge. Her chapbook, The Vigil, was just published by Crisis Chronicles. Yes, of course, she plays the ukulele. Who doesn’t?

STEVEN B. SMITH is a poet, memoirist, photographer, blogger and collage/assemblage artist who makes his home in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. He’s been writing poetry for nearly five decades, and for more than twenty years published the famed Artcrimes art/poetry journal. He created a massive online art/poetry archive at, and a wide array of his poetry and collages have been published in the critically acclaimed book Zen Over Zero: Selected Poems 1964-2008 (The City Poetry Press) and Unruly published by Crisis Chronicles. Check out for his daily blogs, for his bi-monthly songs.

CEE WILLIAMS is a poet and spoken word artist residing in Erie, Pennsylvania. His work has appeared in the poetry and visual art journal Bathtub Gin (Pathwise Press), in the Dwelling in Possibilities anthology edited by Berwyn Moore and in the Crisis Chronicles chapbook 12 Poems. In 2010 Williams was named as a finalist for the Erie County Poet Laureate award. He is the founder and director of Poets’ Hall: the International Fellowship of Poets and Spoken Word Artists, for which he was the recipient of the EMBYP 2011 award for Business Innovation.

JOHN BURROUGHS is the founding editor of Crisis Chronicles Press. His most recent chapbooks are Water Works (Recycled Karma Press) and Electric Company (Writing Knights Press). Find him at

JASON BALDINGER has been published in The New Yinzer and Shattered Wig Press. He is author of two books of poetry, The Whiskey Rebellion (with Jerome Crooks) published in 2011 by Six Gallery Press, and the forthcoming The Lady Pittsburgh, out in this spring on Speed and Briscoe Press.

JEROME CROOKS is the author of i’ve been a mess and i feel fine (Speed and Briscoe, 2001) as well as the forthcoming The Moment I Feared (Low Ghost Press). Jerome has served as the active head of the Speed and Briscoe writer’s collective since its inception in 1998. His work has appeared in the Pittsburgh City Paper, Natural Language, The New Yinzer, and Open Thread’s regional review. His journalism has appeared in Magazino and Islas. He is the son of Mary Anne and Jerry Crooks, brother to Theresa, brother in law to John Leonard, and proud uncle of young Aeden.

Pittsburgh Magazine said, “As Pittsburgh was once a gateway to the west, the entrance into the American wilderness, [Baldinger & Crooks’] The Whiskey Rebellion is a gateway into a mythopoetic American landscape.” Outlaws & revolutionaries, crooked cops & patsies, ghost towns & superheroes come out to play in this collection inspired by the Whiskey Rebellion, Wordsworth & Coleridge’s Lyrical Ballads, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Byron’s Don Juan.

The Vigil by Shelley Chernin

Primer for the Vanguard Youth by RA Washington (cover foto Smith) – foto Smith

Rapid Eye Movement by J.E. Stanley (cover foto Smith)

12 Poems by Cee Williams

Unruly by Smith (cover foto Smith)


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