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...and they lived happily ever after. Smith & Lady: poets, artists, photographers & adventurers.
Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

all is never there

September 15th, 2017

Philosophy 166

Half is what you make it.
All is never there.

– Smith, 9.15.2017


from the labia to the grave

September 14th, 2017

Bone Mats

I’ve been decertified,
does that make me maamified?.

From the labia to the grave.

Back when I was a celery,
I got a salary for stalking.

Sausage – sawing a wise man in half.

The Dandelion crayon color has been discontinued.
Not surprised, I made dandelion wine out of them
and it didn’t taste good at all.

I’d have to be diculous
before I could be ridiculous.

How many Pattys to make a Pattycake?

If you put wheels on a burro
you’d have a real wheelburro.

Well tarnish my gloss.

I used to run caravans cross the Wasabi Desert.
Boy was it was hot !!!

I played insight, then tried outsight.

“Damn you Samuel Daniel” pops into my brain
every time I hear his name of short line rhyme.

It’s hard to unlock a door with a key lime cake.

There’s a new disease hitting vampires
called suckle cell anemia.

My foster foster parents are my real folks.

Tried to charge my fone
but my credit card wouldn’t fit in the charge slot.

Every spring on the farm
I’d wait for the appellation trees to ripen
along the Appalatian Trail.
It was appalling.

Too much surrealism… not enough maamrealism.

– Smith, 9.14.2017


There’s far, there’s here, there’s what’s in-between

September 12th, 2017

Philosophy 165

There’s far,
there’s here,
there’s what’s in-between.

Far is sky, clouds, horizon,
dirt, trees, sun, moon, stars, wind,
ornamental grasses,
big ideas, small gifts of affection,
sacred lies like good and right.

Here is our corner of cat and Smith & Lady life,
an oasis from the dark twixt.

In-between lies fire and flood,
weird nasties in power who worsen knot
to make misery money.

We carry our light to far light
in cleanse of blight.

Just need map, road, and first step.

– Smith, 9.12.2017


4 small Smith pieces 1996-2015

September 5th, 2017

Plot to Get Whitey, 1996, 9 x 11, Smith

Afterthought, 1996, 6 x 5, Smith

Limbic Rock, 2000, 9 x 12, Smith

Off Grid, 2015, 5.5 x 7.5, Smith


conversation with wife #36

September 2nd, 2017

Conversation with Wife 36

Wilcox and I are talking
of the rotted undergrowth that’s Washington
when Lady lays back
says softly, sadly
“I try not to look at the floor of the sausage factory.”

– Smith, 9.2.2017

1926 American Radiator ad


philosophies 152-164

August 29th, 2017

Philosophy 152

You know you are doing something right
when the purring gets louder


Philosophy 153

Fire, bone music, stories
the whence from which we came


Philosophy 154

We wake in pain
to feathered flesh
that never will arrive


Philosophy 155

Man is a pile of dirt minus one rib,
a sloppy eater that needs a bib,
a hunk of meat devouring itself,
mostly lower shelf.


Philosophy 156

Sometimes look in the word bucket
and it’s empty
sometimes full but all messed up


Philosophy 157

It’s the process
not the end point
that’s the point


Philosophy 158

Do what you can
with what you get


Philosophy 159

It’s all fluid
a big flexible water whorl weighed with hook
and bite of tooth and claw


Philosophy 160

The face in the mask is
peeking through


Philosophy 161

Whatever the while
Do your best
And offer a smile
To prime the rest


Philosophy 162

Well crack my bred
spread my jam
in this jelly place of am


Philosophy 163

Wrinkles are the face’s wealth
we iz what we iz and that’s all yam am.


Philosophy 164

Drink my tea, smoke my dope
Shuck this patriarchal collar rope
Get to work on help and hope

– Smith, 8.29.2017


Eclipse myths

August 22nd, 2017

solar eclipse Cleveland Ohio August 2017

Medusa’s Kitchen/Rattlesnake Press features 10 fotos, 9 poems, and 1 song of mine. Stop by for a bite if you’ve the time.

Went to Cleveland Metropark’s Blue Heron Boardwalk to watch the solar eclipse today from 1:06 to 3:51pm, with max coverage of about 4/5’s of the sun at 2:30 pm. The pond surface was pretty good for watching the eclipse reflection.

The foto showing curved shadows is from light filtering through the overlapping leaves of trees creating natural pinholes which create mini eclipse replicas on the ground.

We’ll have a total eclipse of the sun in Cleveland in 7 years – on April 8, 2024.

Eclipse Myths

Shrinking fireball in great sunsky
moon going down on sun what’s up

To the Tlingits, sun and moon are lovers
and solar eclipse darkens earth
for more private flux

Are Brother Sun and Sister Moon
incest in the sky?

The great beheaded head of Rahu
eats sun and moon in revenge
but they drop out his slit throat

Some say Eater is
a pack of thieving fire dogs,
or snakes, jaguar, demon, dragon,
coyote, wolf, frog,
a great cranky churlish bear
biting sun for not stepping aside

We bang pots and pans and shout
to scare The Eater away

Birds stop singing
spiders cease spinning
bees buzz louder
cows return to barn
owls wake to eat

The lying moon whispers untruths
into ear of sun
and darkness is our toll

Tatar vampire tried to swallow sun
but spit it out when it burned his tongue

If more than a day of darkness
the spirits of the dead come to life
eat those on earth

I turn unwerewolf
as moon swallows sun

Clumsy sun drops its torch
weary sick darkens
contaminates earth air
we turn pans upside down
to avoid contamination

Moon quarrel sun
Sun quarrel moon

Stock prices tend to fall on eclipse daze
whose rays harm children
best unborn babes not eat in light

The 1715 eclipse foreshadowed misery,
death of great cattle,
and a mortality of old people,
while the Chinese Emperor
fearful for his life
made a commoner King for the day
then killed him after darkness passed

Quick, kill someone before gods kill us
as sun turns her back on our sins
and drenches us in poison dew

Some sacrifice the fair haired
and light skinned,
beat drums,
shoot flaming arrows into the sky
to relight sun’s pilot light

During eclipse
pregnant women birth cleft lip born
food cooked is poison
flowers planted grow more vibrant

Some say
moon dark blocks sun light
in unbright fight

Sun’s too hot to hold
Moon too cold

– Smith, 8.22.2017

solar eclipse Cleveland Ohio August 2017


hook ‘n line

August 15th, 2017

hook ‘n line

Philosophy 151

There’s could
and should
and is

– Smith, 8.15.2017



rabbit rabbit bird flower power

August 14th, 2017

flower power

Nay Way

Does the Pope poop?
Do the powerful pee?

Then why should I believe?
Why should I obey?

Weak walking wait-a-minutes
got no right to say my way.

The bear in the woods
stalks hunger, not belief.

The where of the would
ignores stomach of need.

The way of the world
worships grief.

I seek body mind relief,
tree still on leaf.

– Smith, 8.14.2017

rabbit rabbit bird


Cleveland Cleavage

August 11th, 2017

Cleveland Cleavage

Fleshly crease nigh nipple to neck
filled with sweet and sweat and scent

Jiggle jam compressed along
eye line song I long to roam

Cleavage is an isn’t impression
one nothing created by two tensions

A front-fleshed crack
to remind of ass smack

My wife is my breast friend
front and back and either end

– Smith, 8.11.2017


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