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...and they lived happily ever after. Smith & Lady: poets, artists, photographers & adventurers.
Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )


February 16th, 2017

Sisyphus Strewn

So quick the curve of day to night
and day through dreams return

Tea cups at table then
sit at table still

Spoons and forks and knives of course
space the empty plates

Toast to yore and gone before
ghost of what comes next

Napkins fold in honor old
front the unset seats

No guests, no hosts, no less, no most
yet one more cycle completes

Illusions sweet and present sleep
help us through the shallow

Time and light and loop of life
remote in active shadow

– Smith, 2.16.2017


(typed by cat walking across keyboard)

– Smith & Misha, 2.12.2017


edamame ain’t got no daddy

February 11th, 2017

Poet artist musician curator Shawn Mishak wrote a bone recovery poem for my neckbone surgery.

Poem for dem Bones
(for Steven Smith)

Rebel poet, regarded lover
Teen pranks lead to vast inequities
Child boy sacrifices mother
Learns how to properly extract sliver
Art crime felonies
Scream under a cinder block
Cracks until two and no longer one
A physical mixture
Tall and stretched out like exotic bird
Flaps until broken
Rebuild, rebuild
Get better; heal in the sunlight as the skin floats
As the cat whispers her purr in the lovely corner
Finding that warm spot
For the next careful climb
Drink of the savory vine
Mine the vein and never
Say that I told you so…]

– Shawn Mishak, 1.28.17


This Saturday, February 18, 2017, 3-5pm, Lady K’s hosting her 3rd Annual Open Memoir Reading at Mac’s Backs-Books On Coventry, 1820 Coventry Rd, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118.

This reading is in honor of her Grandfather who died in 2006… Lady is re-editing his memoir Learning to Swim which she published in 2012 –



Heading for Worry War III
what with the orange virus
and small hands on large levers
in the White House

bullies bellow loud in the land
but I don’t worry
cuz edamame ain’t got no daddy
and Only the Lonely is ever so lovely
in the season of the song

so welcome on in from the dark
to our corner of the arc
and sit a spell

light is low
but warm and real
feel fine
for flowing flux
depends on being kind

and luck

– Smith, 2.11.2017


suspendered animation

February 8th, 2017

Grown Moan

I’m but a slow flow in the slo-mo lane
of suspendered animation

Later’s further down the road
while now’s now and wants a bone

This moan groan land grand in design
uses money and cross to grease a good time

Tired of The Man’s dick drip drool
his endless feces floating atop fool pool

Pull my finger and hear my smart
retort to their hard heart

Old white dudes lathered in crude
nursing limp members and bad attitude

Dinosaurs dying infecting the land
grubbing it all with small lizard hands

– Smith, 2.8.2017


the dead are just dessert

February 5th, 2017

Philosophy 139

Life eats the living
the dead are just dessert

– Smith, 2.5.2017


patter rain fall from thunder sky

February 4th, 2017

Status Report 250

Patter rain fall
from thunder sky

in whoosh of wind
and lightning fly

wakes me from sleep
to re-walk why

of new day scheme
with old way lie

as we slink into our slot
to work this reworn plot

– Smith, 2.4.20177


dem bones dem bones dem dry bones

January 31st, 2017

Neck rods inserted Jan 12, 2017

Post-Op, Day 19

In last dark of night
awaiting new morning dawn

Day reduced to pain management

Night to finding compromise
twixt neck, neck brace, and sleep

Pain as Sisyphus slog

No right and comfortable
just long wrong

Slowly fading to gone

Tired of the pain
tired of the pain pills

– Smith, 1.31.2017

Dem Bones from the 1950s by the Delta Rhythm Boys who recorded from 1934 to 1987

Hip replacement June 2011

Shoulder replacement Oct 2014

Unhealable broken knee Jan 2016

Neck rods inserted Jan 2017 – foto by Lady K


and don’t even mention maybe

January 30th, 2017

Is Happens

The walls between is and is are thin
as are isn’t and isn’t
and don’t even mention maybe

I’m not doing my best
I’m not doing my worst
I’m just getting through the day

Sun is growing dim
loosening the connecting line
binding excrement and time

Shadows hug each imperfection
deception, exception
snag sin of skin within

Time blinds
life abounds

– Smith, 1.30.2017


another day of done before to be spun again

January 29th, 2017


Ground Zero

Coffee strong in this pre-dawn
creaks open eye a crack
dark leaks out
sneaks back in
another day of done before
to be spun again

Give this day my daily pain
so Sisyphus does pray
for it takes pain to measure gain
re-rule the runes of play

Rock rolls up, rock rolls down
once like coffee in a cup
now unfound

– Smith, 1.29.2017



two-track brain train

January 27th, 2017


Was hoping I’d get rid of my hard collar after seeing the doctor this week… I figured two-weeks were enough, but doc says four more.

So I’ll get more pain meds and somehow get through another month.

I do not do well trapped, encumbered, caged, bound.


Status Report 249

Got a two-track brain train
a-run-a-way going

One track ways whoa,
are we ever weak, breakable

Second says so?
broke before, can fix again

– Smith, 1.27.2017


Cheney Bushbeast

Ya gotta love a man
who’ll shoot his rich friend
in the face with a shotgun
after one too many alcohols
then not report it to the police
until after he’s sobered up.

We paid for his heart.
He’s not using it.
We need to repossess.

– Smith, 1.27.2017


Politics 101

Yes we have no problems
we have no problems today
since that slush fund stuff
is more than enough
to buy our final say
we’ll continue to gamble
and amble in ample gambols
because we know a man
who’ll pay a man
to sway our yea or nay
though we stink of the sin
of shrink wrap within
and run from our women’s dismay
but hey
that’s okay
as long as pay continues the play
and belief in relief
enslaves what’s beneath
we’ll have no problems today

– Smith, 1.27.2017



doing the wild coffee dance

January 23rd, 2017


Life with Wife 4

She dumps four cups worth of coffee
into the boiling water pan
to make two cups

We sit and sip, unmoving
doing the wild coffee dance

– Smith, 1.23.2017



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