Month: July 2006

  • my me back baby

    she keeps singing ‘love shack’ by the b-52s these final few days in the fairy trap fuck shack out back in flower garden lane. bees buzz. we nuzz. times fuzz. tired of doing, almost done. kathy says spiders fall to float. they fall to catch the other side. they fail, they climb back up, fall […]

  • tell me a story

    some folk wonder why kathy’s reading my stories at readings. others assume they’re hers. they’re ours. full blown kathy ireland smith steven b smith collaborations. kathy says “tell me a story” and we’re off. i talk. she selects, writes, arranges, adds, questions, directs, deletes, spaces, rearranges, inserts, inspires, titles and edits. i wouldn’t talk this […]

  • Guests

  • nigh

    the end is nigh. reality is isolating us. this afternoon we had two cars. this evening we have one. tomorrow morning none. tonite’s storm or missed fone bill took out the fone, which takes out internet dial-up, which takes out email until we go down to lucky’s coffee shop in the morning for the wireless […]

  • past tents future

    i’m being given a present here. i’m being relieved of possessions, place, neighborhood fame, pattern, hibernation, expectations, geography, demographic, friends and enemies… relieved of the temptation to re-run the past, because in 5 days present place becomes past tense when i leave for pagan land with my unblushing bright-mind bride. we’re running away to join […]

  • trinity

    I. kathy’s stopped wearing her seat belt.  says so what – you don’t wear yours.   i’ve never worn mine, so I’m consistent,- whereas she’s always worn hers, so she’s changing.  says so what, we’ve less than 7 days, we’re not going to crash before we go. i cringe, glance quickly skyward to see if Giant Hairy […]

  • Engineers in Israel

    For several years, my Dad’s made frequent trips to Israel to work with a software engineering group there. Each time he goes, I’m extremely concerned for him. The city they’re in is one of the areas being bombed. Mom sent me some pictures of the software team’s current workspace. They used to work in front of big, shiny […]

  • do as you would be done

    the order of what we are taught affects what we see. what we see affects how we think. how we think affects how we act. here’s the first twenty-five arabic phrases soldiers are shown before they deploy to iraq: Stop! / Stop or I will shoot! / Follow our orders / Don’t shoot / Put […]

  • back story

    When I was in the country 10, 11 years old lying in the tall grass with the sun on me and the wind whistling off in the distance you could hear a dog barking and a distant airplane and the drone, the drone of insects. I’d have to be 3, 4, 5 somewhere in there […]

  • To do

    (by July 31): letter of reference for friend get & print address to hotel & directions from tube stop print tube route transfer old computer data transfer title of truck transfer title of miata turn over license plates make demo poetry CD memorize several poems for Rainbow sell Miata or deliver to parents get moneybelts […]