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do as you would be done

the order of what we are taught affects what we see. what we see affects how we think. how we think affects how we act.

here’s the first twenty-five arabic phrases soldiers are shown before they deploy to iraq:

Stop! / Stop or I will shoot! / Follow our orders / Don’t shoot / Put down your weapon / Move / Come here / Follow me / Stay here / Wait here / Do not move / Stay where you are / Come with me / Take me to / Be quiet / Move slowly / Hands up / Lower your hands / Lie down / Lie on your stomach / Get up / Surrender / You are a prisoner / We must search you / Turn around

not much love here.

in the heisenberg universe, you perceive what you expect, receive what you beget.

so for all of us to suffer less, we should do as we would be done – cuz a bad go-around can really bite you in the ass.

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  1. The first word that my Morrocan girlfriend in grad school taught me was “habibi.”
    That means “my darling or my love” in Arabic.

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