Month: August 2006

  • Sandman

    The midnight ticks awake and the refrigerator sighs; the utilities are aware The perceived timelessness of the modern lifestyle sluices money through the powerlines– the reservoir still produces– At 3 a.m. you’re still awake, the cat hot on your lap Antihistamine clears your sinuses, fumbles dry sleep This morning, you stepped on the cat on […]

  • you’re getting sleepy

    arghhh! i can’t sleep, and it’s two-bloody-thirty in the morning. i was so tired from walking the heath and downtown london and the back & forth in between that i went to bed at 8:30. couldn’t sleep. went to bed again at 11. couldn’t sleep. again at 1. can’t sleep. my body’s dead, while my mind’s going […]

  • Diary of the Dead

    it’s not all gumballs and fruit juice. last week we arrived in picadilly circus at 5:20 for a 4 o’clock movie. last night we went to a new poetry venue to read.  it was closed.  so we wandered thru the london alleyways to a previous place we’d read.  closed.  learned that a “bank holiday” shuts […]

  • Hampstead Heath

  • the day dead

    i pick up a piece of street trash and hand it to my wife. “you know how to please a woman,” she says. “yes,” i reply, “bring her garbage, & dead things“. at the british museum, we saw professional trash – mummies, old coins, caskets. things coveted by the long dead, now coveted by the living […]

  • licking myself

    Satchel Page sez “don’t look back… something might be gaining.” i look back at these past 8 months, see 9 items of press. i’ve discovered how to get publicity – die, or marry a young chick and leave town.  if i’d have known it was this easy, i’d have left long ago.  in fact, i’m […]

  • Dreamers

    I do believe. I do. I believe we’re doing the very best thing for ourselves. I owe faith, hope and joy to Steve. Never thought life could be like this, not even in my dreams. Life in Europe: saturated, other, real, vast, colorful. Me: here in the now, dreaming about the past – in Cleveland […]

  • 3 rat monte

    the rats were busy last night – testing us. in cleveland, kathy & i noticed all the orange traffic cones forming ever changing human/auto mazes – so we researched it.  turns out the rats are running psychological maze experiments on humans for alien lifeforms. they rearrange the cones every night, sometimes repeatedly… once while we […]

  • take my wife, please . . .

    take my wife, please … as an assemblage artist and photographer. i’ve been bragging about kathy’s talent nigh 12 months now, telling folk how good she is. kept promising to put up an art gallery on as proof. finally did 2 – and they’re eye-punchers. (like her franz kline, above.) see 12 kathy ireland smith […]

  • darkness at the edge of town

    scientists announced yesterday they’ve found gravitational proof of dark matter.  they haven’t actually found any darkness yet, but they say given what they know, the makeup of our universe must be      5% normal matter    25% dark matter    70% dark energy this is an admission that – at best – they may understand […]