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the day dead

foto by smith

i pick up a piece of street trash and hand it to my wife. “you know how to please a woman,” she says. “yes,” i reply, “bring her garbage, & dead things“.

at the british museum, we saw professional trash – mummies, old coins, caskets. things coveted by the long dead, now coveted by the living dead. mind numbing stuff. god said “let there be boredom” and lo, she created the british museum.  i know it educates the uneducated – but the more you know, the less interesting the pre-packaged dead become.

discovered this morning a difference between awaking, and being awoke – awoke puts you a half phrase behind the day’s normal phase flow. 

i nodded off on the tube. awoke to see old nun standing. first thot i should give her my seat… soon as i decide no, the church has stolen enough, the subway speaker announces “next stop angel.” person across from me gives the nun her seat. nod off again. open my eyes and there are 2 nuns. kept my eyes open after that so they wouldn’t multiply. they kept glancing at my agent of chaos t-shirt, then up at my face, whispering.

on hampstead heath, little boy’s big ball went into the pond. i tried to make it come back to shore with my mind.  it did.  happened second time, so i did it again. 3rd time it went in, i saw the boy did it deliberately, so i didn’t. suddenly crazy italian lady pops in front of us saying they were making fools of us letting the boy knock the ball into the water… they were making fools of us by having us take her picture… told her we hadn’t taken her picture, she said i know … asked her who they were, she said whoever.  as she walked away she repeatedly called us stupid stupid stupid. 20 minutes earlier i was taking a picture and she walks into my frame.  i stop and say i’m sorry.  she frowns and goes around the other way – where kathy’s taking a picture and she walks into her frame. she glares at me and says you’re trying to irritate me.  she walks into our movie and decides we’re in hers.

later, sitting on a bench in the woods, we watch an earthworm crawl 3 feet, then begin to burrow into the earth at our feet.  i’d never seen an earthworm going into earth before.  it would push in, pull back, pulsate – then push, pull, pulsate… over and over and over.  earthworm earth sex.

walking back to the underground, kathy notices there’s mostly stuff to eat for sale… then adornments for surface beauty… then alcohol – no culture.  basically food, baubles, booze. she mentions the tabloid papers here show bare breasts and ass, but in america flesh is frowned upon… in america you can kill and show horrendous violence, but can’t show flesh.

probably show earthworm sex tho.

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  1. smith says:

    entered for poet-ick jack, cuz his comment logic don’t wok…

    I tried that once but it works much better for the worm than for me. I need an earth mother. No ecstasy in dirt except for the worm, bless his little worm heart. Just another example of to each his own. Peace and Blessings

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