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3 rat monte

foto by smith

the rats were busy last night – testing us.

in cleveland, kathy & i noticed all the orange traffic cones forming ever changing human/auto mazes – so we researched it.  turns out the rats are running psychological maze experiments on humans for alien lifeforms. they rearrange the cones every night, sometimes repeatedly… once while we were still in it.

that’s the real reason i stopped getting stoned – i was too confused for the rat maze (not to mention the rat race).

last night, late and tired, we went to the right underground platform – the brown bakerloo line – but went the wrong way.  so we got off, got back on right color, right way, got off right stop, rushed up & down to the new next right color (green) – but hopped on a yellow train by mistake. so we had to take yellow to pink to orange rather than green to orange. by the time we got to wapping, i was too tired to wap.

Obviously, this was another rat test maze. must have been an old experiment tho – the tabloid trash newspaper left on the seat was dated march 15 – 160 days ago. and i believe the alien lifeforms the rats work for are code-named monty python.

rat tart anyone?

One Response to “3 rat monte”

  1. MadM says:

    Ahhhhh, yesssssss……

    the R.A.T.ssss have no limitssss.

    Better be niccce to ussss or elssse.

    Written in ssspraypaint on Concrete in Cleveland in nineteen ssseventy sssix:

    “Indussstrial byproductsss, feel the power
    born in the bowelsss of sssome terminally tower”

    (Actually, it’s not the rats, it’s the street lights. They are an alien life form, are watching you, have infiltrated all human habitation, can communicate instantly with all their kind. Beware when you see them blinking.)

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