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darkness at the edge of town

dark matter (foto by Smith)

scientists announced yesterday they’ve found gravitational proof of dark matter.  they haven’t actually found any darkness yet, but they say given what they know, the makeup of our universe must be

     5% normal matter
   25% dark matter
   70% dark energy

this is an admission that – at best – they may understand 5% of the universe. in my day, 5% got you an F on your report card.

dark matter has never been in doubt – the george bush/dick(less) cheney white house fascist ship is proof enough. you gotta love their logic tho – they say dark matter must exist … otherwise their scientific theories don’t make sense.  sort of like weapons of mass destruction must exist in iraq, or else our war on iraqi women & children is wrong.

actually, weapons of mass destruction do exist in iraq – they’re called the u.s. army.  anybody remember nuremberg, when we tried the nazis for war crimes?

bushy boy (foto by Smith)

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