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licking myself

foto by smith

Satchel Page sez “don’t look back… something might be gaining.”

i look back at these past 8 months, see 9 items of press.

i’ve discovered how to get publicity – die, or marry a young chick and leave town.  if i’d have known it was this easy, i’d have left long ago.  in fact, i’m thinking of coming back and leaving town over & over again – i’ll become The Man Who Wouldn’t Leave.

my 2006 list of shameless self promotion:

Art critic pieces together his future
Michael Heaton, Plain Dealer Friday magazine 8.25.2006 8.22.2006 – Walking on Thin Ice blog
Fascinating and more real than anything on TV tonight

Criminals At Large – Smith’s Farewell Artcrimes Is Best Ever
Douglas Max Utter – Cleveland Free Times – 8.9.2006

Leavin’ Cleveland: An Exit Interview with Steven B. Smith
Mark S. Kuhar – July 2006
(hopefully to be published in Art-e-fakt)

Art Matters With Dan Tranberg – 7.14.2006
21st issue of annual ArtCrimes is biggest ever
Cleveland Plain Dealer

Crimes-free Cleveland – 6.2006
The city’s Agent of Chaos takes on a new mission
Milenko Budimir – Northern Ohio Live

Art Matters With Dan Tranberg – 5.5.2006
Emigrating artist Smith holds ‘liquidation sale’ exhibit
Cleveland Plain Dealer

Over the Wall: The Restless Smith Is Moving On
Douglas Max Utter- Cleveland Free Times- 3.15.2006 3.8.2006
Prison Break, Smith’s final American exhibition

One Response to “licking myself”

  1. smith says:

    my email to michael heaton, responding to his plain dealer column mentioning us:

    love your p.d. column today, mr minister of culture.

    it’s hard for me to be a hero to “fools, frauds and charlatans…” but i try and do my best… duty calls, you know. even the f, f & c need their heros. at least i have a vast backlog of experience being fool, fraud and charlatan… among many other mostly undesirable things. but – i betcha i’m having a lot more fun day to day than Michelle Marder Kamhi & Louis Torres … i see more walking along a city street than they do in famous museums. and, you should read my blog on the famous art in the london tate museum. tho i suspect they’d agree with a lot of what i say.

    my advice is call them back, tell them you are making fun of me – tell them i’m a fool doing foolish things … then give me 10% of your million dollar award to soothe my hurt feelings.

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