Month: September 2006

  • kathy tree 4 sale

    as you see from the foto above, kathys do grow as trees. you too can own your own kathy tree. by good fortune, i happen to have a fresh batch of kathy tree seedlings available for sale. be warned – they must be fenced since they tend to grow their own way, are self willed, and will think […]

  • woolly land lambs and saber-toothed teethies

    she’s my red top hot slot, my mamba mobile mama with the big brain history train. she said the english moors used to have trees but they were cut down and sheep introduced which kept eating the saplings trying to grow, so no more trees – just heathcliff roaming the moor’s less calling for “stella” […]

  • Food (by request)

    A friend asked me to write about food. I made Monastery Lentil Soup tonight. We feel virtuous and nourished. In his last post, Steve shared his recipe for liquid copper corrosion. So at the end of post I’ll share the recipe for the soup. Ah, it’s good to have two burners and a fridge and a toaster in […]

  • art secrets: liquid blue corrosion

      lots of folk ask how i create the blue wax-like finish in my art. i share this formula with any who desire it… my dead mom mother dwarf smith used it, my dead brother cat smith used it, my live wife the lovely lady kathy ireland smith uses it – i use it.   […]

  • nam myoho renge kyo

    i say my 40 yr old nam-myoho-renge-kyo buddhist chant near every day. i say it for help when worried (what - me worry?), as thanks to the universe for being kind and having such a sense of humor, sometimes for its calming rhythm, its soothing om-like sound, and i say it a lot to calm myself when […]

  • morning ablutions

    i’m living way beyond my dreams this fairy tale journey with wife friend companion kathy. no complaints. but i do still have 3 dream desires… get stoned with willie nelson, have bob dylan record one of my poems,  jam with jack dangers. playing (again n again) the new dylan – modern times. someone said don’t […]

  • “Investment” in Krakow

      In London, we read numerous advertisements in glossy magazines encouraging Brits to purchase investment properties in new hot spots: former iron curtain states. Here on the streets of Krakow, charming real estate’s advertised at nominally “cheap prices.” Western Europeans buy up entire apartment buildings. We’re accustomed to finding plaster dust on our shirts, walking […]

  • i eyeless

    dream woke me. i lived alone wandering high desert castle swimming in pool beneath in dark dungeon canyon robbed an armored truck in spanish hills can’t remember why some sort of sad thing not for money or adventure robbery was fun exciting desert storm dark night bright sun light robbery went weird partner disappeared, ceased i […]

  • god willin’ and the creek don’t rise

    chicken little here with my little chunks of fallen sky as i cry “wolf in the woulds, fire in the crematorium“. hey buddy, can ya spare a paradigm? – cuz this one’s breaking faster than a polar ice cap. here i am worrying about kathy’s and my future when i might not have to… there […]

  • Horrors

    (Lady)  K commented – related an interesting and terrifying story about her grandmother’s second husband escaping a firing squad. ( Read the comment here. ) Such a terrible thing to go through. What courage for him and the others to have run for it. We tend to condemn historical atrocities as events which would never happen […]