foto by smith

dream woke me.

i lived alone wandering high desert castle
swimming in pool beneath in dark dungeon canyon

robbed an armored truck in spanish hills
can’t remember why
some sort of sad thing not for money or adventure
robbery was fun exciting
desert storm dark night bright sun light

robbery went weird
partner disappeared, ceased
i got away with money thru the storm
bought a brick of marijuana
hid it in bag in castle in mountains
in inner dungeon canyon with water
where i swam in solitude 

ring at door i opened
cops dressed in black big guns
i said of course had to be cuz was wrong
slowly spread hands far from body
like zen gunless fighter
they saw surrender stood around me in circle
lady cop searched found marijuana
said aha i thot so
locked huge old rusted chain links around each wrist
took me down to village
cops local people liked me sat real close
leaning against me smiling laughing
saw me as folk hero
i saw i would be famous
lady cop didn’t like this but liked me
so it was in sadness she
slowly poked out my left eye
i saw blood oozing down my face
she let me think about it then poked out other eye
both eyes grew back so later she did it again
they remained dark bloodless holes this time
but i could still see
wasn’t upset in pain afraid just accepting
but it made her sad

woke told wife weird dream robbed armored car
lady cop poked out my eyes
wife sez good for her

now it’s 5:37 in morning and i can’t get back to sleep

so much you lose – it’s hard to capture dreams

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