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kathy tree 4 sale

foto by smith

as you see from the foto above, kathys do grow as trees. you too can own your own kathy tree. by good fortune, i happen to have a fresh batch of kathy tree seedlings available for sale. be warned – they must be fenced since they tend to grow their own way, are self willed, and will think for themselves.  however they are delightful and well worth this extra trouble. fine print: kathys may not grow well in republican households, fundamentalist flat earth domains, places placing premiums on premiums, hypocritical habitats, or with the television visionless, the unkind, dishonest, short sighted, closed minded. they are also slow growing… took 32 years for mine to ripen.

leftover notebook notes in no particular odor:

turkish waiter asked if we were canadian. told him american. he apologized. i said don’t bother, no problem. he said it was odd, but when he mistook americans for canadians, they were never upset, but when he mistook canadians for americans, they always became very upset. told him i well understood why.

mcnasty’s – mcmediocre food, mcmediocre music, large cups of so-so mcamerican mccoffee, pretty decent mcfries.

parked along the krakow streets: renaults, skodas, fiats, fords, peugeots, mercedes benzs, citroens.

she asked what i wanted. told her a chair to sit in, a hole to hide in. i want fast guns and big cars (or was that fast cars and big guns?) so we can turn to a life of crime and rob english banks after the funds run out. figure we can survive for 2 years if she-god doesn’t get tricky and we don’t get fuelish.

kurt schwitters, one of the first collage/assemblage genius painters 90 years ago, at a poetry reading sat a photograph of adolf hitler on a stand in front of the audience and said to them if they liked his poetry, not to applaud, but to spit at the foto instead. he had to flee the country, then flee the country he fled to.

pop down one monkey head, another pops up.

the spiny nipple nut.

merkin – a pubic wig for women - from 1610 … why? 

flesh cannot stop my pain.

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  1. Jacklakewood says:

    I think I’ll try that spit at the picture thing with a more modern portrait. Or maybe throw used motor oil or maybe minature nu-cu-ler bombs until he learns to say it right, being the leader of the free world and all.

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