foto by smith

i’m living way beyond my dreams this fairy tale journey with wife friend companion kathy. no complaints. but i do still have 3 dream desires… get stoned with willie nelson, have bob dylan record one of my poems,  jam with jack dangers.

playing (again n again) the new dylan – modern times. someone said don’t bother, just another cover album. it’s 10 brand new dylan songs laid over familiar been around awhile tunes… sounds like an old friend on first playing, and keeps getting better deeper wiser friendlier each repeat. folk been running down writing off the man for 40 years now – you’d think they’d learn.

yesterday played dylan’s 1965 hiway 61 revisited. john lennon said before elvis there was nothing. weren’t for hiway 61, there’d be nothing after either.

at a particularly bad point those miserable 9 months mother dwarf lay abed a dying, i bought new willie nelson cd and a walkman. put willie on, put head phones on mom, watched the pain creases smooth into a smile. savage beast, savaged breast – music hath power to soothe. tho even now, 15 months after her death, her pain i could not ease tears my eyes. where was fair when it mattered?

jack dangers stopped by once – wanted to meet the artist who did those pieces. walked in while i was sorting thru my 12″ x 18″ x 3″ baking pan filled with roaches, looking for a fairly fresh fairly big one to toke. he was impressed. on his next meat beat manifesto tour, he told me backstage someday we’d collaborate. who knows, besides The Shadow. the man handles found sound the way i do found objects.

latest meat beat manifesto cd is superb – at the center, a jazz collab with blue series alumni craig taborn on keyboards, bad plus skinsman dave king, peter gordon on flute. (“without mbm’s groundbreaking amalgams of hip-hop and industrial dance music, modern dance music genres such as big beat and drum & bass wouldn’t exist…one of britain’s most inventive practitioners of sampladelic funk”–alternative press).

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