Month: October 2006

  • Woogie Boogie

    frags from lodz (pronounced wooge) poland, in no particular odor… magda – of blue’s lady fame – said our last nite in krakow america should thank us cuz we changed her opinion for the better of americans. before us, all was UGLY amerikans – now she knows some are cool, and will be more open […]

  • bird in hand

      the indian water bladder trick works – but kathy works better… she was already awake. forgot to mention – friday at the urban-jellen test concert, kathy and my fotos and art images were part of the light show.  rather fun to see our images projected on the stage screen.  and it is magic to […]

  • the radish report

      our last nite here. walked thru the rain dark city from seeing scorcese’s the departed. great film. but sad. nobody’s happy. no one has any life outside their lies. walk thru the morning darkness tomorrow our packs on our backs to the train. krakow’s been magic.  good folk, good flux, good performances, good concerts, […]

  • Saturday Night in America

    these are the notes kathy emailed me that she took last night about our various conversations, what we saw…. i blog them as is – no logic, just skip & trace (notes by lady, fotos by lady): It’s a Saturday night in America. The Krakowians are at the mall. They’re just like Americans ‘cept they’re innocent and […]

  • hurtownia

    the 3 tenets of the church of not quite so much pain & suffering:   go thee, and suffer less   do as you would be done   this too will pass now that pimsler croatian lessons 1-8 have taught us how to pick up the opposite sex, offer them beer and wine (no water), […]

  • bit o city pretty

    internet access is back, so a bit of krakow before it goes again… bird / dragon sculpture on the Wisla River stained wall horrid American style Galeria shopping center Kazimierz – old Jewish quarter (where we live) rabbit painting in Tytus i Koka Club (where we read last nite) Wawel Castle our street in Kazimierz

  • see that train amoving down the track

    crawling from club to pub looking for mr goodwire wi-fi access.  reality took away our room’s internet access today.  weird – at chiplis’, our internet went down the last couple days, so we went down to lucky’s coffee shop to wire surf – and they went down as well.  the last 12 hours in our […]

  • the man in the grey fennel suite

    here’s the 2nd smokey grey short short story – The Man in the Grey Fennel Suite – (10.26.2006) don’t forget Lady K’s 17th issue of The City Poetry zine the 1st smokey grey short short story – Smokey Grey, Private Lie – (10.20.2006)   1st & only smokey grey poem – Private […]

  • New issue of the City Zine!

    new issue city zine! clarke! mcguane! dumm! budgett! wascovich! joan of art! bree! diamond! weems! shaffers! grgorinic! raden! blue7! gourgiotis! brodsky! stumpf! cunnane! johns! chiplis! worm lady! townsend! chase! goldberg! ke! the smiths! markk! sobieska! issue 17   the city poetry zine ….some juicy snips .. clarke .. face of America trying to make sense […]

  • dead elvis 2006

    here’s the 13 top earning dead folk from the past 12 months. always said death is a great career move. can’t wait to die and start earning the big bucks myself. of course, anything i made dead would be more than i’m making alive. and my expenditures would be lower. money kings of the dead […]