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the radish report

 foto by smith

our last nite here. walked thru the rain dark city from seeing scorcese’s the departed. great film. but sad. nobody’s happy. no one has any life outside their lies.

walk thru the morning darkness tomorrow our packs on our backs to the train.

krakow’s been magic.  good folk, good flux, good performances, good concerts, good reading, good smokey grey. krakow’s the first city i feel fondness for. first city outside amsterdam i’d like to revisit.

foto by smith

it’s odd being homeless, with no safe main base. we flow time, eddy in place spaces 1 – 3 – 7 – 12 weeks at a time. now that we’re homeless, we’ve become our own home, each each others home, kathy and i. be nice to see tho what ‘home’ becomes these next 3 months being in 1 place in a small house alone in a small fishing village in croatia. no internet.  no fone.  no known aquaintances. being in one place for 12 weeks. since our place sold june 16, we’ve spent

   6 weeks in chiplis’ fairy trap love shack, cleveland oh usa
   1 nite on the plane from chicago to london england
   1 nite leeds england hotel
   1 nite a sheep field, grassington england
   7 nites bed&breakfast in burley-on-wharfdale, england
   1 nite leeds hotel, england
 24 nites london house, england
   1 nite amsterdam hotel, netherlands
   2 nites another amsterdam hotel in a bad room, netherlands
   4 nites same hotel in a little less bad room, netherlands
   1 nite inn outside lodz poland,
   7 nites flat in krakow, poland
   4 nites 1 small room hostel/pension in krakow, poland
 39 nites old jewish section of krakow, poland
      tomorrow nite in hotel lodz, poland
      then 2 nites england, outside stansted airport
      and nov, dec, jan in small croatian fishing village

interesting framing – we’ve had 3 months of road roaming madness in all those abodes above, and now we’ll have 3 months of quiet to contemplate the said, been and done. 3 on. 3 off. 2 by 2 they went.

foto by smith

have to be up at 4:30 or 5 – and we have no alarm clock. so i’m using an indian trick i read and drinking tons of water before bed. each time my bladder awakes me, i’ll drink more. see if truth works like fiction.

 this is radish reporting from underside the mirror

foto by smith

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