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Woogie Boogie

frags from lodz (pronounced wooge) poland, in no particular odor…

magda – of blue’s lady fame – said our last nite in krakow america should thank us cuz we changed her opinion for the better of americans. before us, all was UGLY amerikans – now she knows some are cool, and will be more open minded in next meeting. kathy and i knew before we left we were ambassadors for good.

magda’s guy – blue seven, leader/lead-guitarist/lead-singer of the urban-jellen test – is the coolest lifeform i’ve met in decades. smart, kind, creative, thoughtful, original, spiritual, gentle. think he’s the reason we came to krakow – kathy said how about krakow, and i replied with my ever present why not. really weird to see the laid back soft spoken guy transform into this high-fire rock n roller up on the stage. thanks blue. we appreciate the creative space chance you provide.

takes 10-20 pounds of plants to make one pound of meat. there is 3 times as much animal waste (shit) produced on land as there are industrial solid wastes. plus cow farts are a serious contributor to greenhouse gasses.

thot of renaming my penis from microsoft to boo-boo, so i could ask flux to kiss my boo-boo.

croatian words have different endings if you’re male or female or speaking to one or the udder… what do you use for transvestites, or sex changers?

lodz seems stuck in 1980s music – that’s all we hear here in the hotel.

haven’t had an edible omelette since we left the states.

everywhere but america they allow you to wear backpacks in all the stores.

i had ostrich steak last nite. delicious. kathy had dead sea things with chicken (chicken tastes just like republicans.) we’ve also been offered bear, deer, eel, octopus, tripe (tho tripe ain’t animal meat so much as animal guts).

kathy used to weigh twice what she does now. i am tremendously impressed how she shed her weight, husband, profession, past prejudices. i asked her where the kathy she lost was, she said that’s the evil kathy – she’s working as a programmer making a million dollars a year… i asked her what’s her fone#… she said she’s a ball of fat, you wouldn’t want her… said oh i don’t know, for a million i can put up with a lot.

up in elevator back from breakfast i said you gotta eat all the food, drink all the coffee, take all the showers, smoke all the grass you can when it’s there cuz you never know when you get to next… she gave me ‘the look.’

krakow yesterday, lodz last night today, england this afternoon. this is truly wearying. i can see why flux take 1-2-3 week vacations and then go back home – this constant unknown and mostly unknowable costs the mind, the soul and the body. but. it also feeds the mind, the spirit, and the soul – and in my case, the body electric as well cuz i can walk for miles now and not tire (too much, that is – i am 60 and have broken bits here n there).

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