Month: November 2006

  •   kathy is making serious progress learning croatian – she puts in 3-6 hours each day studying it.  i just sit around and drool. she overheard 2 old dudes on the bus talking in croatian about the american poet and his wife who live in lizjnan.  i find a lot of older men look longingly […]

  • Words

    Steve’s been asking me to post wurds. Here are some wurds.  Boats of all condition are everywhere here. From the top of a hill in Pula, I can see a large ship building facility, and the tops of boats stick up above the building roofs. The roofs are also dotted with antennas. Steve thinks the […]


    KIKIRICK MASLAC KEKSI (Peanut Butter Cookies) 1/2 C kikiriki maslac 1/2 C maslac 1/2 C smeÄ‘e Å¡ećer 1/2 C Å¡ećer 1 1/2 C braÅ¡no 1/8 t sol 1 t maslac-vanilija 1 t soda bikarbona 1 jaja SmjeÅ¡aj zajedno kikiriki maslac, maslac, smeÄ‘e Å¡ećer i Å¡ećer. MjeÅ¡aj jaja i maslac-vanilija sa maslac i Å¡ećer materijal. TokoÄ‘er […]

  • now & then & inbetween

      our hosts (melina, sabina, branku) fed us fish and chocolate pancakes sunday, then took us to rovinj, a 1,600 year old istrian village built on a hill that was an island until 500 years ago.  it was like walking thru a fine foreign film.  on the way, we stopped to examine a kazun, a […]

  • olde words made new

      kathy’s collecting data to write my biography (& my autobiography) – cool… can’t wait to become famous and appear on hollywood squares.  i gathered together my newspaper reviews for her, and i was struck by the words others have used to paint me.  here’s 3 excerpts on my 1st 1-man show at spaces gallery […]

  • Lady’s Fotoblog

  • nite plier

      on the packed bus to pula, i close my eyes, ride blind behind fogged windows thru november rain grey croatian day on this earth covered rock rising from the sea, letting the rhythmic babel of unknown tongues massage my mind.  we’ve come miles, and more – and more to come.  winter today is grey […]

  • lady kathy, rauschenberg, and me

      i added a new gallery of 40 Kathy Ireland Smith (a.k.a. Lady K) fotos from the Netherlands, Poland and Croatia online at – definitely worth a look.  it’s funny cuz kathy insisted she did not want us to buy her a digital camera because of the cost… and it’s transformed her life, her […]

  • the evolution will not be televised

    odd evening of culture last nite…. saw borat – the movie.  truly body cringing tasteless humor – laughed a lot.  1st run feature evening movie ticket – $3.66 u.s.  bought miles davis cd – ornithology – $8.  30 minute bus ride back to lizjnan – $1.66.  four topping pizza before film – $4.16.  62 kathy […]

  • Lady’s Fotoblog