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 krakow foto by smith

kathy is making serious progress learning croatian – she puts in 3-6 hours each day studying it.  i just sit around and drool. she overheard 2 old dudes on the bus talking in croatian about the american poet and his wife who live in lizjnan.  i find a lot of older men look longingly at me with kathy, wishing they had a younger chickie of their own… while a lot of older women severely frown – either at me, thinking i left my old wife for this young thing – or at kathy, thinking she’s encroaching on their territory.  no one has any idea of the truth.  if they did, they’d go out and find their own kathy… i’m thinking of selling lesbian kathys for the women, older kathys for the young.

we’re going to a croatian poetry reading tonight.  i of course neither speak nor understand the language.  figure it won’t be a problem cuz i don’t understand most poetry written in english anyway… or wish i didn’t when i did.  wherever we finally settle, i’ll learn the language.  until then, i’ll probably just learn words like hello, please, thank you… and for the rest i’ll simply point and grunt while looking harmeless.

i worked on a collage, a poem, learning the blues harp, learning typing, learning croatian, and the laundry today… only the collage and the laundry show promise.

london foto by smith

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