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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

lady kathy, rauschenberg, and me

 foto by kathy

i added a new gallery of 40 Kathy Ireland Smith (a.k.a. Lady K) fotos from the Netherlands, Poland and Croatia online at – definitely worth a look.  it’s funny cuz kathy insisted she did not want us to buy her a digital camera because of the cost… and it’s transformed her life, her art, her eye.  all but 2 of the 40 are uncropped… like rauschenberg and myself, she prints what she shoots.

i made my mark on croatia.  walked into the toilette in jupiter’s pizza parlor in pula. there was a sign on the men’s door, but it was in croatian so i couldn’t read it.  opened door and stepped into fresh concrete.  my left foot sank down.  pulled it out with a soft plop and used the women’s room instead.  hope it hardens before they fix it – would be my walk of the star, my own urination coronation.

8 nites now kathy asks something about my past life and i start talking as she types what i say into her computer.  some great stuff, some sad, some funny, some cruel, some shameful, some criminal. i say truths no husband ever tells wife… she records words no wife ever hears from husband.  truth about me, truth about others – no whitewash, no spin.  i tell her my sins in the worst possible words so as not to soften them.  my sole saving grace is i’ve gone from bad to better, which is much better than going better to bad.  now i have to make the final journey to good – probably the only way for me to reach that will be others uttering ‘good riddance’ after i’m gone.  but the joke will be on them cuz i’m looking forward to the going.
smith's eyes - drawing by kathy / foto by smith

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