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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

the evolution will not be televised

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odd evening of culture last nite…. saw borat – the movie.  truly body cringing tasteless humor – laughed a lot.  1st run feature evening movie ticket – $3.66 u.s.  bought miles davis cd – ornithology – $8.  30 minute bus ride back to lizjnan – $1.66.  four topping pizza before film – $4.16.  62 kathy fotos printed – 42 cents each.  the day itself – priceless.  (i’m practicing for when i get to do tv commercials).

kathy’s grilling dead flesh in front while out back i lynch the laundry on my homemade line… weird to be hanging clothes outside in november… sky blue, sun out, me in t-shirt.  i’m used to cold grey cleveland wither whether weather.

minutes before 6 this morning, a rooster crowed 7 times, followed by the church bell chiming.  after the 6th chime, it pauses – then goes wild.  i counted 120 rings this morning.  after, the rooster took over again.  they know how to start the day here.

watched pre-dawn cnn news – not the smartest way to start the day. unnecessary pain, hunger, sadness littered everywhere among the rolex watch designer luggage adverts.

Untime in Tide

The sea takes its color from the sky
The sky water from the sea

In share shore rhyme and reed
Feed and fro form to need

While we

Unfertilize skies with lies
Mime death’s unliving power

Bleed need in greed unheed
Knot dead our daily hour

So what will it be

The cabbage and the cauliflower
Or these cemetery ceremonies

the cheney bush league have placed some 70,000 peace activists on the homeland insecurity do-not-fly list. even had senator edward kennedy on it.  but i’m told january 14, 2007, it changes from a do-not-fly list to an allowed-to-fly list – travelers leaving the country by any means whatsoever have to first be approved.  airlines, cruise ships, etc must submit their manifests to homeland insecurity 50 minutes before departure – anyone not approved during that time cannot board.  these are the people who thought new orleans was doing fine 3 days after the levy broke – and we have to rely on them to approve thousands of names of who can leave every few minutes?  give me a break – they can’t even wipe their own bottoms without befouling the constitution. we were planning on visiting next year, seeing kathy’s folks and touring the country reading poetry… but… i felt lucky i got out of there last august – starting to think it would be foolish to come back and give the uber alles crowd a second chance.


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