Month: February 2007

  • We’re moving on, away from Europe. We’ll be in Morocco April 10!” Several recurring thoughts about the good things in Europe: 1. Consideration for workers: In every country we’ve been to outside of the U.S., checkout clerks at grocery stores have seats at the cash register. Customers bag things themselves, and more frequently than not […]

  • kathy’s all most done with issue #18 of her online poetry/art journal this will be her second issue with international contributors. . . includes a london poet, a nepalese poet, a krakow artist – who knows whom else. i think she’ll even include me, since i’ve been sleeping with her – and usually if […]

  • rock & reward roll

    i read a fairy tale as a wee one. in it, there was a large rock in the road. everyone walked around the rock, cursing it for interrupting the traffic flow. but no one ever actually did anything about it. finally a young boy comes along, sees the rock is in the way, and moves […]

  • 2 rainbows & an angel of mercy

    last 3 days we’ve seen 2 rainbows and an angel of mercy. finally fixed the bicycles over the weekend. took both of us because i’m so mechanically inept i couldn’t get the new inner tube inflated. the french use a different air stem logic. requires multiple steps whereas american inflating is insert and blow. kathy […]

  • the marital arts

      i am a marital artist – i know Cunt Fu. i’m going to offer my Cunt Fu classes to the sexually dyslectic. i’ll teach the different stances and motions such as Major Mambo Moving, Lower Lip Loving, Clitoris Centralis Climactus, Helpful Hand Humping, Rapid Rat Rubbing, Elongus Erectus Ejectus, Moist Member Mounting, Fine Finger […]

  • French news items

      Last week, I decided to try to read some news every day in French in order to increase my fluency. So I looked at the first two front page news items of the French “Le Monde.” The first article, “Ouverture de la premiere conference internationale contre les bombes a sous-munit”, is about the commencement […]

  • the franko file

    whoever says the french are rude are wrong. so far, the french have been kind, helpful, courteous, considerate, polite, pleasant, warm, friendly and just plain nice to us. we were warned the french would mock our amateurish efforts to speak their language. not true – at least here in the south of france. these fotos […]

  • How to Learn French with YouTube

      Learning French on the Atari   Eddie Izzard – Learning French   Learning how to French   French Learning for Chinese Speakers Part 01   And last, how to learn English:

  • fluffy puppy

      kathy says my depressing anti-government blogs are going to drive off the good people who have been reading us, and attract the people who shouldn’t be reading us – like the government. she’s right – i’ve said my piece, if not my peace. so i’m going to start writing bubbly happy stuff about puppies […]

  • just the facts maim

      Kathy put up 8 foto galleries on the Pbase website – her 7 galleries are grouped by city/region, and my 1 gallery is metaphoric. she’s shot 7 world city/regions so far in 7 months. she’s one talented and busy little borg babe. her 7 galleries of excellent fotos are: Languedoc Region of France Amsterdam […]