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just the facts maim

 foto by smith

Kathy put up 8 foto galleries on the Pbase website – her 7 galleries are grouped by city/region, and my 1 gallery is metaphoric. she’s shot 7 world city/regions so far in 7 months. she’s one talented and busy little borg babe. her 7 galleries of excellent fotos are:

Languedoc Region of France
Cleveland, Ohio – Tremont Neighborhood
Croatia, Province of Istria
and mine is
The American Identity

these may be seen at

foto by smith

just the facts maim…

the United States, with only 4.6% of the world’s population, consumes 66.7% of the world’s illegal drugs

The digestive processes of the billions of animals raised to become sandwiches and snacks each year, as well as the 87,000 pounds of excrement that they produce every second, release enormous amounts of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. – February 17, 2007 by the Huffington Post

the United States contributes 25% of climate changing gas emissions even though the u.s. population is but 4.6% of the world’s population (301 million versus 6.6 billion people)… we pollute 500% of our fair share of filth.

There are 2,193,798 inmates in america’s state and federal prisons… men outnumber women in prison nearly 14 to 1 – america has the highest rate of prisoners to population in the world: no one locks up more people than america.

Country     Prison population   Population per 100,000
US                      2,193,798         737
RUSSIA                 874,161         615 
UKRAINE              162,602         350 
SOUTH AFRICA     158,501         334
POLAND                 89,546         235 
MEXICO                214,450         196 
BRAZIL                 371,482          193 
ENGLAND/WALES  80,002          148 
SCOTLAND               6,872          134 
KENYA                   47,036          130 
AUSTRALIA             25,790         125
CHINA                 1,548,498        118 
TURKEY                  65,458          91
N IRELAND                1,375          79 
JAPAN                     79,052          62 
INDIA                      332,112         30 
NIGERIA                   40,444         30 
Tedd Rall on February 21, 2007 called president-pretend george w. bush “a genocidal maniac who will be responsible for a million deaths by the time he leaves office in 2009.” it’s nice to see folk start calling our tin-horn hitler a mass murderer. can anyone spell Nuremberg War Crimes Trial?

i refer to bush as president-pretend because he’s never been legally elected. his father’s house slaves on the u.s. supreme court illegally handed him the 2000 election after his brother falsified the florida vote – and bush stole the 2004 election by reversing ohio’s vote. so the worst president and the worst vice-president america has ever had have never been elected.

what an ugly picture the u.s. us present – america is run by an official vietnam war deserter and an admitted vietnam war draft dodger who both stole their office … america fouls the world’s air, sea and lands at a rate 500 times their fair share… america locks up more of it’s own people than any other nation in the world… america tortures illegally jailed war prisoners… america invades sovereign nations at will… america slaughters 650,000 iraqi civilian men, women, children, babies… america kidnaps foreign natives off the streets of their own countries…america spends more on weapons than the rest of the world combined… america is the biggest arms dealer in the world… america is the major terrorist in the world… america illegally spies on its own citizens… america refuses to recognize legally elected democracies that don’t follow our line… america hurts its poor and elderly while coddling its rich… america is the world’s major illegal drug user… america is the only democracy that no longer recognizes habeas corpus – i could go on for pages. 

this is the land of the free, the home of the brave? gag me with a water board. i am ashamed of my country – a country that kills for money.

jesus drove the money-changers from the temple – we gave them the country.

foto by smith

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