Month: March 2007

  • joke bloke

    lady k kills the pirated movie we just watched (sofia coppola’s marie antoinette – 2006), “i bit bucketed it”. i ask her if that’s how she’s going to dispose of me when i go – “no, i’m going to recycle you, maybe make you into brownies.” at least i won’t have those old bit bucket […]


    “This article says we might attack Iran April 6,” Smith moans. “Well, that’d make sense,” I say. “They like to do it over the weekend. That way everyone gets excited about it, gives them something to talk about over the holiday weekend.” I cut some cheese for our desert and set it aside to get […]

  • not known going

    Lady K says i’m not getting angry as often – or as much. it’s because i’ve left a lot of what angered me back in america – possessions, politics, programming. it’s because i’m doing something, rather than waiting to do something. it’s because i’m testing myself and finding i’m more or less worthy of this […]


    textbook times by s b smith OVARIES, RUBBER BANDS & TESTICLES I’m lost in a reverie. I’ve just looked at a high school friend’s site, and she’s posted pictures of her giggle of a girl. I imagine it’s joyful to watch a wiggle grow up, but it would be a totally different life. I wouldn’t […]

  • beast tramp scamp

    It is easier for a Camus to pass through the eye of the needle than it is for a Republican to get into Heaven. i joked i’d walk a mile for a Camus – and now it appears i will. ordered a couple Camus essays which will arrive the day we leave. so on our […]

  • i’d walk a mile for a camus

    while reading a small book of Camus’ essays in the bathroom, i rediscovered an old hero of mine. (Albert Camus, 1913–60). some essay excerpts: Now the ashes in the grate are beginning to choke the fire. And still the same sigh from the earth. – Albert Camus, Between Yes and No, 1937 It is indeed […]


    I’m comparing the juxtaposition of perspectives now that I’m high again vs months straight. I slow down. Get a bigger handle on understanding my current condition. I think it’s good to shake things up. I tell Smith, “I think it’s appropriate for us to be smoking now.” He slowly, creepily turns his head towards me, […]

  • what “we” we grow

    Lady K called me “honey bunny buggle bear.” sometimes she talks to me in the same voice she used to use to talk to her cat. i think she thinks i’m her big pet. we’re not smoking today. our 4 day stone fuzzed the brain, slowed the will – especially after being straight for 5 […]

  • Patter Chatter

    I’m reading Smith’s blog. It’s a rant about Cheney and company. He writes: my english professor always said evil was banal – cheney proves it. It’s not the first time he’s cited an English professor. I’m editing his memoir, so I keep an eye out for these little tidbits. At the Naval Academy prep school, […]

  • whorl

    our lost long friend Melissa Jay Craig has an art show opening this week in Chicago: ALTERNATE SELECTIONS is a sort-of retrospective of odd book works from 1990 – 2007; The work is installed among the Real Books on the second floor of the Columbia College Library. Opening reception, Thursday, March 29, 5-7 pm. – […]