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the heavy moroccan sun on my shaved head casts shadows from the dents, creases and crevasses in my brain pan – it looks exactly like aliens opened my head, took out my brain, then put the skull-flap back hoping i wouldn’t notice. it was a good brain too – hardly ever used.

as i walk through marrakech, folks call me “ali baba.” i have no idea if it’s because i resemble him with my white beard, or if it’s an insult. ali baba and the 40 thieves – maybe they’re suggesting as a tall white man i’m a thief (aren’t all whites thieves in 3rd world countries?)… or since the 40 thieves were given hashish to motivate them, they’re just acknowledging my hash use… or maybe it’s a comment on my having a young wife, which is another form of theft. internet says american soldiers in iraq refer to arabs as ali baba because they’re thieves, and iraqis refer to americans as ali baba because they’re looters and occupiers. in the story though, ali baba only stole from the thieves. since i’ve given up my criminal ways and am seeking inner light, i’m more meher baba than ali baba these days.

there’s a lot of tourists here (i know we’re 2 too), but outside of the souks and the horse drawn carriages, we never see them. so we went on a tourist safari today to the big market square near the tallest mosque (koutoubia) where they juggle fire, pose monkeys, and charm snakes (and you pay for every pose) – we found a whole bunch of them. i think maybe tourists dip in and out while travelers tend to amble about. in the square they’re actors performing for the tourists, whereas the alleys we walk are for the locals and have a more real feel. think the biggest difference is the children everywhere we walk and their total absence in the square. the square is also cleaner.

we’ve seen 2 men squat down in public and urinate on the ground. the small shed walls in the tiled park out front reek of urine. so do large sections of the 1,600 year old city wall.

having lunch today at hamid’s brother’s – that means i’ll have stomach malfunctioning physical vehicle symptoms afterwards.

canadian professor was denied entry to the u.s. after border guard googled him and found he had published an article on the medical properties of lsd – he is now persona non-gratis. now lady’s worried about me. i have every sin i ever committed posted on my website. i always said if anyone tried to blackmail me, i’d ask for extra copies for my friends. this is an attempt to squash dissent, to make people cautious about what they say. the best way to fight it is to refuse to be intimidated. i will not cower before mass-murdering war criminals like dick cheney and his middle finger puppet george bush. if you do go to agentofchaos, be sure to check out the 666 – the number of the bush section.

Naomi Wolf of The Guardian newspaper in the united kingdom on april 24th published an article titled “Fascist America, in 10 Easy Steps.” she lists the 10 necessary steps totalitarian governments have historically taken to set up a fascist state – according to her, the cheney-bush beast have initiated all 10. welcome to the brain camps.

foto by smith

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