foto by smith

i watched a small boy licking the last bit of essence from a wrapper – he examined it every which way to be sure nothing was left, then let it go. he didn’t drop it, or throw it away – it just ceased to exist to him. as it fluttered to the ground, he looked about for what was next.

Marrakech at dusk
Purple petals on the ground
Red flower falling

we acquired a bit more self esteem by going into the rabbit warren maze of the walled city by ourselves. my pocket compass helps a bit, but it is still confusing. lady does her fruit and vegetable shopping from the street shops. in the medina, the alleys vary from 4 foot wide up to 12 feet. against the walls, folk set up their shops by spreading a tarp on the street and piling their goods on top. the remaining alley consists of people, bicycles, motor bikes, and donkey carts constantly coming at you both ways. get in deep enough on the wider ways, and they throw taxis and small trucks into the mix to make it more interesting. during our past few days of wandering and food shopping, we were the only foreigners we saw – yet go south a dozen alleys and there’re foreigners everywhere.

looking forward to the coastal town of essaouira – rent’s supposed to be 5 times cheaper. also supposed to be windy since it’s on a point and gets wind from both north and south. there’s dangerous ocean currents as well, and sewage dumped directly into the sea. you know, that sounds so inviting it makes me wonder why we’re going – though i suspect it’s the going and not the why that matters.

shaved my head and mustache today, leaving my white beard. i’m returning to my psychotic amish look. in jail in 1970 i shaved my head and my eyebrows, leaving just my moustache – now there was an odd look… no top head hair and no eyebrows is definitely space alien territory.

getting blog comments from people i don’t know – i wonder how they find us. folk seem to like what we’re doing. at least we’re real time, unscripted, and our path unusual… not many poet/artist couples with a 27 year age discrepancy sell their studio, give away their possessions, and wander the earth not knowing where they’re going. but we do know the why: because there might not be an earth to wander later on – and we’d never forgive ourselves if we didn’t.

the latest doomsday scenario is The Case Of The Missing Bees. seems u.s. bees are dying in droves, so there’s not enough bees left to pollinate all the plants. the latest theory thinks the genetically modified franken-foods might be the culprit, and estimate total food disaster to be 4 years down the road. this may be my chance to make some money honey – i have a small penis, so perhaps i could hire myself out to have sex with all the almond tree flowers. i could tie a lot of helium filled balloons to my body to enable me to bounce around the trees, visiting each little flower with my flower powderer. hmmm, i know you bring a lady flowers when you want sex, but what do you bring a flower you want to pollinate – lady fingers?

lady said when she was fat, she was always trying to hide her body, so i in my circus voice announced “pay no attention to that woman in the whale.”

lady said “my cousin has a mini-mansion in denver.” – if we murder her, do we inherit? – “no.” – good thing for her.

foto by smith

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foto by smith

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