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foto by smith

some folks fear our travel blog entries will end once we return to the states in 4 months. not to worry. after 14 months in other cultures, the un-united states of america will be just one more extremely strange land to blog about.

plus we’ll be moving down to new orleans with its own otherworld adventures. since new orleans is probably not the best place to await next hurricane season, after 6 months or so we might move to seattle, so there’s more blog travel in our future.

lady still be lady, i’ll still be her tramp, so The Adventures of Smith & Lady will continue no matter where we be. the main reason we’ll be settling down for 2 longer stretches (besides being tired of always moving on) is to finish our manuscripts, get them submitted. we have my bad boy past memoirs, lady’s fat girl book, and 3 books of poetry to put together – hers, mine, and ours. but i think the best one will be her book of our conversations… be easy and fun to read, original and unpredictable. i think she created something unique there. she even makes me laugh when i read them, and i was there when they were said.

after that, we plan to travel. the world’s going to hell in the corporate hand cart, and we want to see more of it before its expiration date. want to explore nepal, greece, south america, maybe mexico, more of africa, an island or two somewhere, alaska, and the far east.

so as long as there’s electricity and the corporations don’t succeed in stealing the internet as they’re trying to do, you’ll have our blogs to put up with. everyone who knows me knows i can’t keep my mouth shut and i never stop producing – so what else can i do.

but i tell you one place i’m not coming back to – morocco. glad i came, be glad when i’m gone. it’s rather like shooting up – nice to have done, not nice to do.

foto by smith

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