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nanotech couscous

foto by smith

“I don’t care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members.” – Groucho Marx

essaouira day 18

saw two dogs on our walk yesterday standing oddly close at an even odder angle – sort of an ass to ass ‘v’. the larger dog keep turning back to the smaller, barking, then snapping at him. as we got closer, they resembled something out of david lynch via todd browning’s “freaks.” they appeared to be attached at a hind leg, and lady wondered if they were siamese twins. but no, they were stuck together, penis to vagina. i went closer to shoot them for the blog, but they ran off, the female leading, the male running sort of backwards behind – proof that man is lead by his member.

now that i’m getting over my cold, morocco’s switched tactics. last night it tried sleep deprivation (morocco must have read too many articles about vice-torturer dick cheney). hour after we went to bed, folks started congregating by our alley window, talking loudly. soon one female voice and one male voice got louder and angrier. went on for over an hour. the woman would get a little louder and madder and the guy’d raise the ruckus a little more. every few minutes someone would clap-clap their hands. finally they were screaming at each other – vicious sounds. the woman’s voice got more authoritative the louder she screamed, while the man’s started screeching and breaking. i expected massive violence, death. lady had her ear plugs in, but this cut right through. finally got up and opened our shutters to see dozens of people smiling and laughing having a real good time watching the two screamers go at each other. as soon as i opened the shutters, they started moving on. could hear them for blocks.

finally got to sleep after midnight. at 3, my dream woke me. i was in an all white castle bioform city made of nanotechs and couscous (couscous – A pasta made in northern Africa of crushed and steamed semolina… semolina – Milled product of durum wheat or other hard wheat used in pasta). the nanotechs would read your thoughts and transform the couscous into whatever you wanted. the city created anything lady desired, but i couldn’t make it work, so had to make do with the leftovers of other folk’s creations. couldn’t get back to sleep, and when the amplified drone of the morning prayers from the minaret woke lady at 3:50, i told her my dream. after laughing, she said “you can eat my leftovers anytime.” didn’t get any sleep from 4 to 6 when we arose due to talk and sex. after sex i murmured “hope i’m not stuck, like the dogs.” more laughter. i make my wife laugh a lot in bed.

spent 90 minutes in hell yesterday. we went to the cinema to see Resident Evil: Apocalypse, a video game movie. was aware it was supposed to be a bad film, but knew it was going to be in french and figured since i’d seen the first, and it being a mindless horror/sci-fi/action film, my not understanding the dialogue wouldn’t matter much – i could still enjoy the violence and the monsters. instead, they showed us the new remake of The Dukes Of Hazzard. don’t believe i’ve ever seen such a mediocre movie in the theater. there’s not enough toilet paper in the world to fix this film. sole saving grace was its surreal awfulness mixed with the hilarity of seeing effete french come out of the bad guys’ mouths – often when their mouths were shut. and it was special to see a horrid hollywood movie dubbed badly into french while sitting in a seedy moroccan theatre. the moonshiner was a stoned willie nelson, and his wife was a still attractive wonder woman (linda carter). thought i was going to get one sublime moment at the end when willie started singing, but they chopped it. and it was good to hear waylon jennings singing the theme song. (see foto below where lady replaced waylon’s face with mine – i look crazier than waylon, whose songs include lines like “i got busted for something that was already gone up my nose so if you’re staying in a motel in texas don’t leave nothing in your clothes”). i never saw the dukes of hazzard tv show, but lady used to watch it with her father – she says the film is way worse than the tv series. how bad do you have to be before you’re worse than a tv show?

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” – Groucho Marx

collage by lady
me as waylon jennings – collage by lady

foto by ?
waylon as jennings – foto by ?

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