Month: July 2007

  • red fox & skunk red leaf

    just saw a red fox. no more than 10 foot away. it trotted across the back yard, jumped 4 foot up on a pile of wood, then another 3 foot to the top of the brick wall and trotted off – acted more like a cat than a dog. this is even more amazing because […]


    THE DIGESTIVE TORSO Looking at Smith’s head in bed I’ve come to a realization. Heads are brain pods, stalks on the body in which the brain is encased. The body’s digestive system is the function of the body. The brain serves the digestive system. The brain sprouts eyes, nose, intake organ, all of which are […]


    LIVIN LIVES ON OLD LIES I says’m as I sees’m. Seize not what sold to sum. Hadn’t done, wouldn’t be. Do what told be gone. – Smith & Lady collab Most people worship the past; live their lives on old lies. Too many worship and conform. You gotta use the dead as the starting point. […]

  • pumpin pie

    we have a black cat asleep on our kitchen table, and we’re grateful. he disappeared for three days, worried the heck out of us – probably to make us miss him so we’d serve him better when he returned. lady’s trimming my ear hair in a vain vague attempt to make me appear human. have […]

  • save myself some sorrow

    there’s a very odd interesting site called Ball and All – it’s a collection of over 500 names with various fotos and bits about each – names ranging from frank zappa through parmahansa yogananda to the three stooges. it’s also the largest non-smith smith site online go to at top of home page, click […]

  • synopsis 2002-2006

    I left my husband in 2 oh oh 2 for poetry. A month later, I was laid off and a firefighter poet moved in with me. I never got back into an engineering job. I resorted to web development for a couple years at less than half my former salary. In March ’05, I became […]

  • flavorous things

    since 14 months of continuous world traveling wearies the body and stresses the soul, why do it? to watch hundreds of pre-dawn rabbits hop about the hills in north england … read our poetry to a london audience who doesn’t know us and likes us for what we are … walk into an amsterdam coffee […]

  • lunch naked, not free

    my unmet myspace friend wednesday kennedy suggested i “write a blog about travel exhaustion and the price of staying on people’s couch’s. i’d love to read that !” i told her “good idea – i just need to get my brain working,” then realized my brain wasn’t working due to travel exhaustion, etc. but not […]

  • Animal Dreams

    Sheep collapse in ruddy mud, cold iron blood shod wool on lavender land. Cows dream in the vocabulary of weather, their neighbor’s soft half chuffs. Gate swung grass, farm machine train under stern word of Father Man. Beasts blink beat breath, expect next day. Castlerig Stone Circle, 3000 B.C.

  • sigh fie

    the foto above reminds me of politicians world wide, but especially vice fuehrer dick cheney and his middle finger puppet george if-i-only-had-a-brain bush. saw the most exciting sci-fi film tonight i’ve ever seen – Sunshine. it was as if they took 2001: A Space Odyssey, left in all the beauty, art and majesty, and replaced […]