Month: August 2007

  • super saturation

    colloidal suspension super saturation lack of downtime blues. our last full day here was a full day of work. since we’re renting a friend’s place, there was the 2 hour walk to the supermarket to replace staples of theirs we’ve used, washing dishes, doing laundry, mowing back lawn, scrubbing up, vacuuming, putting back the furniture […]

  • art neon dark

    pack today. leave london tomorrow. spend 4 weeks in mediterranean sun in southern france. fly to 8 weeks in cleveland ohio usa where this all began. read poetry repeatedly. go to lady’s first one-woman art exhibition. move to chicago, start life anew in one place for a year or two or three. figure out what […]


    HAPPINESS VS AWARENESS I remember a complete feeling of being in the moment. That all accounts were paid up, that there are no responsibilities, or that the responsibilities were enjoyable. Freedom. A rapture of thought, creativity, “what if” and “ah so this is so.” A new discovery, a new thought each day. No psychological addictions. […]

  • leftovers

    a good evening last night – lady cooked dinner for 5… the 5 consisted of 2 teachers, 4 poets, 3 artists. due to the fine conversation and the late hour, i had no time to blog – so here’s my unused leftovers from the past. clicked on wikipedia’s definition of “underground” and got this beauty: […]

  • blog bog

    2 items of blog clarification: 1) the 3 fotos which were my last blog do have have meaning – which is: foto 1 = the way of the flesh (tiger and half eaten dead deer) foto 2 = the way of the spirit (flower & sun) foto 3 = it is up to us which […]

  • lion lamb solar stone hand

  • spider spin

    i hear our commander in grief is adding a dash of rue with a wooden spoon. big fly buzzing back and forth. dog bark down the lane. sit in sun and ponder worth. wonder who to blame. at least in my own life, i know my bad’s my fault. as for the good in my […]


    By the way, Smith posted a new gallery of my pics from Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, England this year. Many of the pics have been blogged.

  • 55 lady k’s

    foto by lady k here’s 55 fotos by Lady K from Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, England taken 2007. this is her best batch yet. have to do a greatest pics page of her stuff down the line. by the time we return to the states in october, i will have spent 11 of 14 months […]


    “Shall we have another pipe?” I don’t know. Is that ethical? “Yes. So, Mr. Smith…” Yes? “Who are you anyways?” I’m a work in process. “I like that rather than progress.” I’m a refugee from the Procedure Police. I probably have less of an idea now than I did before we started traveling of who […]