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finally got my spirit kindled – the poetry reading lady k arranged for the london contributors of her online zine was a fine 2.5 hour flow of open mic and 6 featured readers. lady hosted the evening for the benefit of mister kite and a splendid time was had by all. she and i ended the reading standing at the mic reciting 16 poems one at a time back and forth. we had more friends coming out than we had going in. 3 poets gave us free books of their poetry – always a good sign. one lady who hadn’t performed in a couple of years since before motherhood was so inspired she got up and did 3 pieces from memory. it cost us $50 to rent the room, and we made it back on our $6 cover charge – made enough to pay the poets as well. that’s twice now i’ve been part of paying poets, so my ticket to heaven is assured – although it was lady’s ideas to pay them this time… i would have kept the money for drugs and other sweet debasements.

i was thinking about starting a MySpace page titled Sluts R Us and just accept as friends all those scantily clad women who keep emailing me asking me to go to their other sites and look at them naked for money. past 5 days i’ve denied friendship to these 33 maybe ladies (i say maybe because one of my poet friend’s son was one of those ladies for awhile) :

Amelia Andrea Debby Candice Aurora Liz Chloe Arabela Delia Bonnie Deborah Alva Donna Elva Gladys Doloros Gladys Barbara Jean Dominic Ranee Hedy Beverly Julia Emma Lisa Ann Lucy Enid Constance Belinda Candance Annabelle …

these names all have an openness, a lightness, perhaps an availability about them, certainly an easiness. except for Enid – Enid makes me think of aphids, which make lousy lovers. of the 33 names, 24 start with the 1st 5 letters of the alphabet – A thru E… once again easy availability, open sounds. i do wonder why Gladys is used twice, since it is a hardish name. once had 4 requests of same foto with 4 different names, which means 4 different myspace accounts, which means 4 different email addresses. (i sent all of them my fone #, but no one’s called).

foto by smith

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