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the tower of gender in poland parlance

foto by smith

now that we’re in the last 6 weeks of our 14 month world wandering, i must be summing up because i find scenes from all the different countries suddenly flashing in my brain.

poland was the first totally non-understandable foreign language place we stayed, and it fascinated me because each of their words have feminine, masculine, or neuter endings… and they often don’t make sense. i rewrote this from last september.

the tower of gender in poland parlance
chicken pheasant and turkey are masculine
duck goose feminine
beef ham veal sausage feminine
rabbit tongue masculine
minced meat thankfully neuter
(so it can’t reproduce)
mussels oysters shrimp feminine
lobster masculine
asparagus masculine
carrot feminine
raisin feminine
while the grape it comes from is neuter
(go figure)
nuts masculine
so’s spice and sugar
(so so much for gals being sugar & spice
with the naughty bits nice)
brassiers masculine
(i’ve taken enough off over the years
so this could be)
kiss masculine
love feminine
pain masculine
pleasure feminine
land masculine
earth feminine
air neuter
fire masculine
fire-extinguisher feminine
(two sexes have i
one to laugh and one to cry)
money masculine
payment feminine

foto by smith

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