Month: October 2007

  • real demons

    Prospect, Cleveland (photo by Lady) REAL DEMONS I would like to know why it is necessary for the see-i-a to: – put hoods on people when they take them away – diaper people and shackle them to the floors of planes – keep people in solitary confinement long enough to make them crazy – h2o-board […]

  • cheap f/x

    my art installation collaborator friend from the 1980s and 90s moved back to the area. we helped wife & he move into their new home today. big big truck of stuff. carried stuff up ramp, down ramp, up stairs second floor, down stairs first floor, down stairs basement, up stairs first floor, up, on, down, […]

  • the SMITH primer

    It’s hard to be a person on this planet. One of the biggest problems is that the people you love are the ones who have conceptions of who you are. One of the biggest things Smith has taught me is that I can only be me. I can try to be completely agreeable to everyone […]

  • leaving’s as good as dying

    foto by smith i saw myself today on a wall up above the cash register in a book store (foto above). the portrait to the left is Daniel Thompson, 1935 – 2004, poet laureate of cuyahoga county. to the right is Jack Micheline, 1929 – 1998, one of the last of the beat poets. i’m […]

  • temple of the echo

    foto by smith four social events in past 48 hours. i functioned well at each. enjoyed all four. and i’ve still not bitten the hands of any of our hosts or guests. lady says i’m getting better at being civil. she trimmed my wild beard to neatness, immerses me in social situations. she knows she […]

  • fee fie foe fool

    foto by smith 49 days left to leaving. 28 of those already have social, poetic, art slots scheduled. think i’ll get a deaf mute sign, sport black glasses & white cane for these engagements. two to do today – a poetry workshop lady used to attend in her pre-smith daze, and dinner with a poet/artist […]

  • How I wanna go

    At Barking Spyder, Cleveland (photo by Lady) “It’s probably gonna get pretty environmentally bad. So, we probably have a couple years left on Earth. How do you want to go?” I know how I’m gonna die. You’re gonna walk me to death. I’m just going to wear away, trying to keep up with you. I’ll […]

  • fine print

    assemblage by smith smith & lady k our policy is no truth too true to do human is as human does humans bleed, humans love foto by smith

  • blood moons

    foto by smith human punctuation i realize this is info normally beyond our pale, but the past 26 months i’ve been charting my wife’s monthly menstruum – length of period with days between. i do this even though lady is the least affected woman i’ve ever seen by her menses. i’ve had previous companions who […]

  • from flow to flee

    foto by smith can’t sleep, so sit in stuffed chair in dark, by open window, listening to rain fall in the night. the rain hits the trees, roof, grass, bushes, flowers, garden with different rhythms, beats, tones. a soothing, cleansing tune. water sounds heal, calm, take one on mental trips around the mind. i can […]