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fee fie foe fool

foto by smith

49 days left to leaving.

28 of those already have social, poetic, art slots scheduled.

think i’ll get a deaf mute sign, sport black glasses & white cane for these engagements.

two to do today – a poetry workshop lady used to attend in her pre-smith daze, and dinner with a poet/artist couple.

two more tomorrow with a visit from a long unseen lifetime friend, and dinner with a poet couple.

monday is helping lifetime friend move into ohio house.

ad infitium.


i’m practicing new excuses like “i’m sorry, but i’m experiencing social coma and cannot possibly respond to what you just said.”

~ ~ ~

2 of today’s two-day done.

ok, i admit it – i enjoyed myself at both of today’s socializations. good food, good people. lady is pleased i didn’t bite anyone. asked her if i performed well. she called me amazing man. told her i was slyer than she thought.

no faux fool pseudo smith me.

foto by smith

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