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Archive for November, 2007

blackie, elf ears, mighty mouth, gnat

Friday, November 30th, 2007

foto by smith

explanation of following journal excerpt – i’d served almost 10 of my 11.5 month jail sentence for armed robbery when the warden and the guards went to the judge and convinced him to let me out 36 days early.

(i apologize for using bigot words back then. i don’t anymore)

2 december 1969
Nicknames here: Squirrely, Tiny, Mule, Mole, Captain Marvel, Ferd Burfel, Quicksdraw, Cloth, Adam 12, Granny, Cockey-Suck, Sarge, Slim, Ringo, Fats, Slick, Blackie, Elf Ears, Mighty Mouth, Gnat, Water Rat, Snake, Hack, Nutsy, Corn Flake, Fish Cake… then there’s Dale Becker’s nicknames, Rat, Dale Evans, Becky, Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm, Suzy Creamcheese, Faggot… and so on.

11:15 pm – well, did I blow it? Hope not – don’t think so. Long story: Tyrone and I started running Becker about 10:00 so he got up grabbed a newspaper and accidentally brushed Tyrone’s face… Tyrone pushed him some more and then Becky gets up and turns off his TV – says we can’t watch his TV anymore… then Whitacre pushes Becker for awhile then I get up and turn TV on again Becker unplugs it I plug it in he unplugs it tries to push by me I make him go around me and post… more verbal abuse from us all to Becker he takes TV up – later I come down and push him more verbally call him a faggot etc. he saying nothing I say can bother him says (or rather hints) that he’ll go down to baltimore and hurt my wife – then I say his wife is a lesbian and he jumps up orders me to shut up I call his wife lezzie again he picks up wooden chair I walk over to card table and tell group better not call Becky’s wife a lesbian cause he doesn’t like it then he throws the chair at me (he’s seven feet away) but misses me and breaks chair against post he picks up broken pieces and I walk over and grab the pieces he has in both hands but he won’t let go so I jerk the rung out of his right hand and smash it across his left hand and broke the rung and he drops the chair but picks up a jagged L-piece and I began wondering if he would beat my head in walked back to him and took this piece away also – thought about hitting him but aware of having only 20 days left so I turned around and took the piece upstairs and told Ed and Dolly and Mike what happened and that basically is it. I have witnesses and guards on my side and all – but maybe who knows – they took Becky out to the hospital to X-ray his hand for a possible broken finger. Damn, I can’t stand the thought of losing my 36 days I’m not getting out for Christmas. Nom myoho renge kyo. Find out one of these days. It will be all right – it must.

Thursday third december 11:10 pm
– Becker’s finger is broken but the whole affair is being officially ignored. I went to hospital today had part of my ingrown toenail removed – wanted to put me in hospital for a day but I wouldn’t go for it… so my toenail may grow back. Was in much pain tonight and Becker gave me one of his pain pills – the pills he was given to take care of the pain from his finger that I broke… he’s odd.

foto by smith


I want to believe in an absolute reality

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

friend’s studio, photo by Lady

I haven’t read much about post structuralist thought but I was talking to someone who had. He said that everything is subjective – historical narratives, ideas of good and evil… something to think about.

My mind tends to reject complete subjectivity. I want to believe in an absolute reality. Yet the more I see, the more I realize how incomplete our understanding of basic human reality is. The academics, scientists and engineers all have their own very special blinders… I have an electrical engineering degree. I used to think I was hot stuff intellectually but now I realize how very blind I was. The “best” educated brains among us are those who are most brainwashed when it comes to humanitarian and historical issues. They are the ones who buy in, wholesale, to the narrative of globalization.

Our specialization is going to kill us.

I do believe in “underground” education – independent media, anti-academic works of thought. I believe in Bukowski.

State education is necessary but it’s been co-opted by authoritarians and “pragmatists.” It raises us to accept invisible chains.


mind jump juxtaposing

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

sculpture & foto by smith

lady and i are hooked on reading my 40 year old private journals. soap opera raw honest and true.

i’m not the “me” i remember me being. for example, i’d forgotten the violence in the first year of my marriage. scary the way my mind lightened that dark, made everything better over the years.

reading these is invigorating, makes my mind jump juxtaposing what i remember with what i wrote at the time. triggers all kinds of reflection. a lot of good stories from long ago when i was quick and limber.

and some nasties . . .

29 July 1969
So much pain in my right arm… I slugged the bed so hard I pulled something… Robin and I are having our worst fight ever – she yelled at me for so long I put my hand over her mouth she scratched I shoved her against the wall she kneed me quite painfully I slapped her and we went downhill from there… I yelled at her loud enough for the whole apartment to hear for about 15 minutes and it finally ends up with her vowing never to speak to me again and me replying I won’t eat until she does – and I won’t either… does this have to happen every 28 days – she’s around 80% in the wrong this time and I’m about 60% in the wrong… she’s so – I started to say non human but maybe it is I who am the non human one. Must go console her now even though I feel so much anger at what she’s done… the main thing she’s done is broken me down once again proving I can’t control myself.

30 Dec 1969
It’s raining as I sit in the car during lunch hour – the vending machines didn’t work and when I got a hot can of macaroni the can opener broke – Robin went vicious again last night – I became displeased with her so she first got mad, then cried then, when I ignored her and tried to go to sleep, she came in and drenched me in verbal filth and hate and finally flew into a rage and attacked me beating my back lower spine and buttocks as hard as she could with her angry little fists – and today I hurt. I’m not sure where the answer is – I know I should do something. I don’t know… I think I’ll care, but later – there’s just too much.

“Expect poison from the standing water.” – William Blake, from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

foto by smith


messing around before and after

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

foto by smith

here’s a bit of green-eyed jealousy from my private journals from almost 40 years ago.

it appears my wife was messing around before and after we married.

15 June, 1968

I guess I’m no, start over… I trust a person completely until something shakes me and then I’m never sure… after our first year together I trusted Robin completely – never once did ever doubt her… never once until after we were engaged and I called her, found her gone and half an hour later found her at Joe’s… (am I to be forever plagued with that name?… Joe and Connie Joe and Lynn Joe and Dianne) caught her down at Joe’s just as she was going up to his apartment. She said he only wanted to talk about his problems – she finally convinced me that it was on the up and up which is a lousy cliché and I drove home after she said she’d be about 15 minutes… she was up there over an hour and a half finally coming out and convincing me that for 90 minutes she sat and listened and he never touched her… I finally dropped the whole thing and actually forgot about it – until… until… wonder how many more untils… until on our honeymoon I got in bed after she was asleep whereupon in her sleep she snuggles up to my warm body and sighs “Joe, Joe” which sent me through hell… finally drop that only to come back and hear her say “Joe this…” and “Joe that…” everyday – I would call from Hershey sometimes and she would be out or she would promise to wash her hair on my night out of town only to come back to find she hadn’t done anything, nothing except maybe my mind thinks seeing Joe… and now today she says Joe calls and needs to talk with her about his problems – it doesn’t hit me until later this is sposed to be my night out of town… I wonder if I’m upsetting her little schedule by staying in town tonight… perhaps my mind is working a little over actively in filling in the blanks – yet, I do know she has called him often before we were married and he has called her as well.. I do know that on one of my out of town nights she went riding with him until way after midnight – I do know she kissed him one night – I do know I caught her at Joe’s apartment one night when I wasn’t sposed to know she was there and I do know she was up in his apartment from a little before midnight until one thirty and it was just the two of them… I also know that ofttimes the most guilty circumstances arise out of the most innocent occasions and I know a suspicious mind finds always more to be suspicious about and that if my doubts continue I could finish us – I know also that I keep forgetting about Joe and my suspicions but somehow she keeps bringing up his name in such a way as to inflame my doubts all over again… while I’m sitting here writing she keeps saying how wonderful it is that I’m home tonight and I don’t believe her… I will later though because I want to – I want to believe she’s faithful even if she isn’t – what I don’t know can’t hurt me and what I do know can’t hurt me but what I suspect may destroy me… soon I’m going to tell her I’m staying overnight in Hershey and am coming back instead and telling her I finished up by chance – and I hope I catch Joe up here or her down there because I will then beat Joe almost to death and I don’t know what I’ll do with her.

foto by smith


worker, lover, drugger, writer, liar

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

foto by smith

finished reading my 2nd journal written between december 1968 and june 1969. my life’s sort of sad then – always working, broke, in debt, doing drugs, going out with my future wife, lying to everyone, and yearning for the sleep i never got due to the drug life i was hiding from work and fiancée. i had at least 5 lives going then – worker, lover, drugger, writer, liar.

my younger life in those 6 months between proposal and marriage seems to be tired desperation mixed with the occasional wildman adventure. my drug life wasn’t as much fun as i remember it – some bad trips, boredom, fear, and a lack of money in between the good times. it’s good to replace some of my glossed over memories.

20 or so notebooks to go – not sure i can be around that much of myself. but i am curious how i got from that me to this me.

and which me is this me? i just left a comment online signed red leaf white sky. think i like it. red leaf white sky smith. my other secret name is radish.

may you live interesting times.

foto by smith


oct 19, 1968 – quite a night last night…

Monday, November 26th, 2007

foto by smith

wife’s typing my second journal into the computer. i just finished reading the 1st one (31 march 1968 through 28 november 1968). i’ve tried to read these journals before (i have maybe 30 from 1968 through the 1980s), but my immaturity and over-inflated ego always put me off after a few pages, embarrassed me too much – i had trouble accepting my 22 year old selfish self.

but now i see a tremendous repository of honest thought. going to steal a bunch of it for my manuscript.

here’s a taste of 39 year ago self (explanation – Robin became my first wife, Janice was one of my office co-workers):

Oct 19, 1968 – Quite a night last night… started the day off – no, start over: stayed up late Thursday nite smoking some THC – had real wild dreams – I’ve been having all too real unreal dreams lately – Thursday’s dream we were in a haunted house and some one was telling me not to drink milk or my flesh would rot & fall off. Anyway got up Friday & was tired… so I crushed up my Orbutrion T pep pill and snorted half of it… this was fine cept I really crashed around 3 pm – had to drag myself through till 5. Got home and was going to snort the other half of the pill, but decided to try to mainline it instead. Borrowed a needle from Nick (who was staying at John’s) (Nick calls it a point) and went back and got a coke cap as a cooker, held it with tweezers, used Listerine as an antiseptic – I had never mainlined myself before, & I really shook. Used a belt as a tourniquet… I did it, I pushed that old needle right through my skin & into my little old vein.. felt good – left almost no track. Then I fired Nige & left to pick up Janice… got her, drove back to pick up Nige & Donna – snorted and dropped a cap of THC first, & then went over to see The Electric Circus. They were good – damn good – especially the Mime who first did a thing about being stuck in a glass cage & then grew & rolled a giant joint. The THC never did get me off, & the speed I fired didn’t work more than an hour. sometime during the night I popped a blood vessel in my left ear cause it was full of dried blood – it bled all night. We cut out & went down to my fountain, then back to my place. Nige came back with Donna & I finally had to ask him to leave – then Janice & I made love twice – she racked my shoulders so badly I was bleeding… she was having her period & we had blood all over the place – it was nice not having to pull out at the climax. Finally got to bed at 7 & slept till 3 – called Robbie & lied to her – told her I went to dinner with some of my artists & then riding in the rain. Right now I’m sitting on her bed while she’s taking a bath – we’ve done nothing but fight since I got here – almost entirely on her part … she’s scared stiff cause it’s been 41 days since she’s had her period. The balloons are hanging from her ceiling – the ones I wrote love notes on Friday so she’d find them after work Friday… I wanted to give her something to ease my not seeing her Friday night. She has been so bitchy today… she’s also been throwing real bad 12 year old temper tantrums – I hope she’s not pregnant because she’s so far from being mature enough for marriage – much less for being a mother. Right now I don’t even like her or love her – but I go through all the motions – if she’s pregnant I must marry her, & I don’t want to say anything now I may later regret. It’s all so useless – I’m supposedly intelligent yet here I’m heading towards being another statistic – forced into marriage and maybe having an unhappy one at that and having a forced or unhappy home for my kids to grow up. And then again perhaps marriage and pregnancy will help both of us and we’ll live happily ever after – oddly enough, it is entirely possible.

foto by smith



Monday, November 26th, 2007

friend’s studio – photo by lady

“Why do I feel guilty?”

You’re a good rat. Don’t worry. We’ve ordered a guilt-free brain for you.


It hasn’t arrived. They’re like free range chickens. Free range brains.

“Hm. I like the idea of a guilt free brain. But people can rationalize anything, can’t they.”

One can if one is good. That’s one of my potential jobs, professions I could have. I can spin anything, no matter how ludicrous. But there’s a difference between spinning for humor and spinning for morality.

“Don’t you mean humor and exploiting something?”

I can only spin guilt-free in morality-free situations. I can’t spin right and wrong. But I can make fun of it. Especially wrong. If we all made fun of wrong, it’d go away.

“You really think so?”


“Ah. So this is a defense for the rhetoric of ridicule…”

Not ridicule. More laughing in the *face* of. Evil don’t like to be laughed at. That’s why Dick Cheney has no sense of humor. Wait, you don’t need to write that down. We don’t need Dick Cheney.

“I like that. It’s relevant.”

I’m trying so hard not to be nasty.

“No, it’s OK to make fun of Dick Cheney. Really. He probably won’t find us and kill us…”

He did shoot his friend in the face.

“No really, I’m not afraid of Dick Cheney. Are you?”

I fear anything that moves…

“That moves?”

And even some that haven’t moved yet, like falling rocks.

“Ahhhh. I understand completely. If you’re heading for the border, you gotta cross the line. If you’re building ‘detention’ camps…”

Make the future ‘detainees’ pay for it.

“Wow. Yeah. I didn’t even think about that. You afraid to post this?”

Nope. Not. Besides, he’s a lousy shot.

(brought to you by Thin Ice Productions)


summing up 1968

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

Sphinx – Smith by Smith (Manipulated Polaroid)

3 Jan 69…

Were I to sum up 1968 I’d say dope… first turned on January 20… kicked out of Academy Feb 22… heavy dope since… 24 hallucinogenic trips since May 18… have had a needle in my arm 23 times in 19 goes… and now I’m sposed to be straight – and I am in an unwilling way… I don’t feel like writing right now.

4 Jan 69

First smoked grass Jan 20

I tried tea, hash, glue, methedrine, amyl nitrate, LSD, heroin, Demerol, belladonna, cocaine, psylicibin, mescaline, Nembutal, THC, morphine, and innumerable amphetamine pills and sleeping pills. I became engaged – it should stand out as my biggest year of change but I feel more it has been my first completely normal year… every previous year I have either lived at home under parental guidance or in the Navy under their authority – this was the first year I’ve lived under the guidance and authority of me… consequently my apartment is decorated my way and I’ve had freedom to try drugs… it was a good year – I’ve never gotten out of debt, but I’ve had a hell of a lot of fun. Here’s my dope list I kept in my calendar I had in the Mudge Paper office. [below]

My two best trips were the 5th and the 11th… a blue flat and a white flat… colors play havoc in dope: blue and white flats, orange white and purple wedges, purple ozleys, blue barrels, Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, crystal, snow – etc.

I have a fear that I’m putting too much down on paper… this would look great in a court room – of course how can a court decide where reality and fun are divided… what about the dead body I said I kept in my apartment… and maybe they couldn’t use this because of the 5th amendment – I just hope Robin never reads it, or if she does that she truly loves me enough to understand. I like my black walls… they match me so well they require nothing from me… my whole apartment requires nothing from me because I’ve just put myself on the walls and made art things of myself and hung them from the ceilings and I can just be here and like what I see without becoming involved… I’m basically a coward… afraid of hurting people… the only I managed to break off with Janice was to tell her I got engaged… I’m useless in people relationships… gonna go… I’m leaving the radio on because it’s easier than having to choose a record for the player… there are two very definite parts to me – one is my writing self whom I really don’t understand and the other is my timid lazy self… or is this true?

s.p. cont… s.h. re… a.h. re… sn.g.3… sn.m re…
[smoke pot continuously… smoke hash repeatedly… ate hash repeatedly… snorted glue 3… snorted methydrine repeatedly…]
ml m 7… p an 5… d a 22… ml n 4 … a p 2 …
[mainlined methydrine 7… popped amyl nitrate 5… dropped acid 22… mainlined nebutal 4… ate peyote 2…]
ml d 1 … ml b … ml a 2 … s h 1 … ml h 1… d ad 2 …
[mainlined demerol 1… mainlined benzedrine… mainlined acid 2… snorted heroin 1… mainlined heroin 1… dropped acidonna 2…]
ml c 1 … s n c l … d psl … d mesl … m l nam 1 … m1 orb T 1 …
[mainlined coke 1… snorted coke 1… dropped psylicibin … dropped mescaline… mainlined nam (?) 1… mainlined obr t (?) 1…]
d – sn – smo THC 1 … m1 mor … plus innumerable pep pills, sets, and sleeping pills.
[dropped snorted smoked thc… mainlined morphine… etc]

list of lsd trips etc:
1) ½ blotter May 18 2) 1 blotter 29 May 3) 2 blotter 31 May 4) 1 blotter Jun 5
5) 1 Blue Flat Jun 14 6) 1 c 37 Jun 19 7) 2 w.l. (ml 1) Jun 21
8) 2 p.c. + 1 w.l. (ml & p.) Jun 25 9) 1 p.c. June 30
10 3 purp c July 12 11) 1 W.F. Aug 14 12) 1 bl. Aug 22
13) 1 bl Aug 28 14) 1 bl Aug 30 15) ½ bl Sep 2
16) 1 bl Sep 9 17) mes oct 5 18) 1 wc Oct 26 19) 1 wc Nov 3
20) 2 tab Nov 15 21) 2 tab Nov 22 22) 1 tab Nov 28
23) 1 tab Dec 14


context call

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

foto by smith

“You got way too much context to call on,” my wife says to me.

she’s reading my private journal from 1968. words of my unformed was, a was who moved in shallow. words older than she written by a me much younger.

but there are stories therein. i began the journals a month after being kicked out of the u.s. naval academy with 11 others for smoking grass. volume 1 chronicles my baptismal dive into baltimore drugs, back when i worked 40 hours a week, drugged and slept the rest with more drug than sleep.

volume 2 starts off with me proposing to my first wife – well no, it actually starts off with me spending a night in jail for turning down the hall thermostat, and then proposing shortly thereafter.

you have to be comfortable with who you are to give your wife words from who you were. especially since she’s blogging some of it.

be interesting to see my words worth.

foto by smith


miss messaged

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

foto by smith

Wall Street

Pushing through the night
Eastward to the moon
Not yet risen,
False dusk of reason dons
Its mantis mating respectability
Sans honor, self or soul.

Money talks of dawn, damns
The discarded husk of culture
And enlightens genes for green,
Without the warranty.

i think of all that is wrong and needs to be addressed in the world, and then i glance at The Plain Dealer newspaper’s front page main headline for today – “Great bargains come to those who wait,” about folks who start a store line outside in the freezing cold 13 hours before the store opens so they can be the first to get the best bargains.

i don’t want to be in america anymore.

foto by smith


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