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context call

foto by smith

“You got way too much context to call on,” my wife says to me.

she’s reading my private journal from 1968. words of my unformed was, a was who moved in shallow. words older than she written by a me much younger.

but there are stories therein. i began the journals a month after being kicked out of the u.s. naval academy with 11 others for smoking grass. volume 1 chronicles my baptismal dive into baltimore drugs, back when i worked 40 hours a week, drugged and slept the rest with more drug than sleep.

volume 2 starts off with me proposing to my first wife – well no, it actually starts off with me spending a night in jail for turning down the hall thermostat, and then proposing shortly thereafter.

you have to be comfortable with who you are to give your wife words from who you were. especially since she’s blogging some of it.

be interesting to see my words worth.

foto by smith

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