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I want to believe in an absolute reality

friend’s studio, photo by Lady

I haven’t read much about post structuralist thought but I was talking to someone who had. He said that everything is subjective – historical narratives, ideas of good and evil… something to think about.

My mind tends to reject complete subjectivity. I want to believe in an absolute reality. Yet the more I see, the more I realize how incomplete our understanding of basic human reality is. The academics, scientists and engineers all have their own very special blinders… I have an electrical engineering degree. I used to think I was hot stuff intellectually but now I realize how very blind I was. The “best” educated brains among us are those who are most brainwashed when it comes to humanitarian and historical issues. They are the ones who buy in, wholesale, to the narrative of globalization.

Our specialization is going to kill us.

I do believe in “underground” education – independent media, anti-academic works of thought. I believe in Bukowski.

State education is necessary but it’s been co-opted by authoritarians and “pragmatists.” It raises us to accept invisible chains.

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