Month: December 2007

  • Five Dollar Hat Goes to Mitla (fotos)

    Five dollar hat goes to Mitla Human ants at Mitla Priest Palace Our Mitla acquaintance and his gorgeous daughter His son Our friend Five dollar hat

  • 2 day done

    foto by smith our landlord family left for 3 days. their son showed me how to pump water in case the roof cistern runs dry, then they shut down their computer and went. now we’re 3 days without internet. their wireless access was inconsistent, but inconsistent is far better than none. at least inconsistent offers […]

  • tomorrow’s molasses

    foto by smith if i only bought red bound books from now on, i wouldn’t have to read them because they’d already be red. i’d save time, and brighten up the room as well. i could specialize in red books by red communists and red chinese – you know, better red read reed than red […]

  • clouds, reeds, stones

    in courtyard looking east – foto by smith have a blank 18 inch by 24 inch canvas hanging on the wall, a rectangle of white floating on a key lime pie green wall. lady has an even larger canvas on the bedroom floor. i did two small assemblages in croatia, a 3rd in france, so […]

  • lady x 7

    foto by smith i’ve nothing to say, so i’ll regale you with 7 short poems by Lady K. these are not her master poems, just a real-life sample of what she does. she says she’s not a poet. i disagree. she says i’m a better poet. i tell her i’ve been writing poems 44 years, […]


    THEY USED TO CALLED ME THE BLUE GOOSE “Your facial hair is very uneven. Varies from the sides and the bottom,” I tell Smith as I trim his beard. “That’s cuz I couldn’t afford to buy all the hair at the same time. Had to buy odd lots. Same thing with the penis. I couldn’t […]

  • life as cinema

    foto by smith Dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum (Latin: “I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am”) – Descartes if doubt leads to thought leads to me, then i must indeed be, because doubt’s my redoubt. i begin in enigma and end in ambiguity. Time is big. I am small, and but shank and shadow. […]

  • People vs the Neoliberals in Oaxaca

    Reading “The People Decide”, the account by Nancy Davies about last year’s APPO occupation of Oaxaca. I can’t help but think about what it would’ve been like to live here during the occupation. Certainly exciting, certainly inspiring, definitely dangerous, and definitely inconvenient. Lots of the shops were closed, sometimes the banks, the roads. I only […]

  • cloud forest orchid futures

    foto by smith christmas today. lady k’s and my 3rd xmas together, and our 13th day in oaxaca (out of a legal 180). it’s been intense adventure from day 1. no down time or time to gather one’s thoughts, reflect on one’s path. our friend maxman says get used to it because it never unintensifies […]

  • xmas eve child woman from the elf woods

    foto by smith lady k’s 35 today. she’s an xmas eve child. my woman from the elf woods. a friend told a friend of our age difference, and that friend said i was likely rich, had discarded my 1st wife, and had bought lady with my money. hmmmmm, wonder how much lady costs? if it’s […]