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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

cloud forest orchid futures

foto by smith

christmas today. lady k’s and my 3rd xmas together, and our 13th day in oaxaca (out of a legal 180). it’s been intense adventure from day 1. no down time or time to gather one’s thoughts, reflect on one’s path. our friend maxman says get used to it because it never unintensifies adventure-wise down here. once you think you’ve gotten a handle on things, you discover there’s a whole other under layer you need to learn to navigate. he’s been here 3 years and still loves it, even though he was shot through the shoulder by government thugs during last year’s teacher protest strike and occupation of the town square.

if we still love it here in 6 weeks, we’re going to pursue staying full time. this is a rich place and we’ve not even begun to dive in. we heard of fields of orchids growing in the cloud forests up in the mountains – you can look down 8,000 feet to the valley. we have to see that – our poet hearts demand it. same with the zapotec / mixtec / aztec temple ruins close to town. my soul cries to see all the exotica i’ve seen in movies and read in books these past 6 decades.

can’t keep blogging daily thought cuz my brain is over-burdened with unassimilated experience. need down time to stay up. so here are 4 haikus i wrote in 4 countries along our way.

~ ~ ~

Cleveland Haiku

As I lie reading
Tao Te Ching drops in bathtub
I soak in Tao juice

~ ~ ~

Marrakech Haiku

Marrakech at dusk
Purple petals on the ground
Red flower falling

~ ~ ~

Essaouira Haiku

West African coast
Low tide, shadows, sea bottom
Tracks from brine to blues

~ ~ ~

Oaxacan Haiku

Oaxacan hawk on
High watches Oaxacans hawk
Trinkets to the prey

foto by smith

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