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tomorrow’s molasses

foto by smith

if i only bought red bound books from now on, i wouldn’t have to read them because they’d already be red. i’d save time, and brighten up the room as well. i could specialize in red books by red communists and red chinese – you know, better red read reed than red read red.

in spanish, manzana means apple and mañana means tomorrow. so maybe manzana mañana could be an apple tomorrow, and mañana manzana tomorrow’s apple. sounds like manassas molasses to me.

we start spanish classes day after tomorrow – hour and a half a day, 3 days a week, $6 an hour each. lady was talking taking 7 hours a day 5 days a week when we arrived., but that would have fried my brain – and i’m doing a pretty good job of doing that all by my self. it’ll be good to begin learning the language here, give us different hues for the city. although there’s many villages around that speak only zapotec dialects, or others.

we have more incentive to stay here permanently past our 6 month legal limit – we’ve been invited to a sacred mushroom festival in july by a zapotec family. he said his father would also show us the old caves used for ceremonies in the mountains. both these prospects excite me.

coming back from the mitla temple ruins yesterday, the taxi was shunted to the side of the highway by soldiers with machine guns. we were waved on through, while others were examined more closely. this is my 3rd country looking out a window and seeing uniformed men with serious guns – a bus window enroute to essaouira morocco, an amtrak train window in pennsyvania u.s.a, and a taxi here.

america was the only country where the men with guns came inside the windows and took people off.

foto by smith

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