doctor office woman – foto by smith

lady’s still ill. bad fever saturday night. broke by dawn. came back sunday. not as bad, but bad. broke. came back today.

went 3 blocks to a pharmacy with a doctor. he and lady conversed in spanish. he poked, prodded, listened, measured. his eyes widened when he saw her temperature was 102.92 farhenheit

she has a stomach virus. he prescribed 7 days cipro antibiotics, 4 days anti-parasite pills, 2 days fever pills. doctor consultation was $2.50, the 3 prescription medicines $11.70. no waiting.

you see into people when they’re sick 3 days. lady doesn’t whine. doesn’t bark. don’t know how she can be this nice when she feels that bad. add insult to injury, today starts her moon blood cycle. so much for suffer less. she says it’s a 2-for-1-er, gets 2 bads over at the same time.

the human body is oddly constructed. both waste and reproductive pleasure tracts use the same tubing, and air and water start down the same throat. who knows what other sub-dermal inter courses are happening?

the body’s badly designed. i find it inconvenient to have penis and testicles on the outside of my body. if they must be outside, why between two legs that are forever crossing, trying to crush the little critters every chance they get? i want to be smooth down there, like ken & barbie dolls. at the very least i should have a retractable penis, absorbable balls. or perhaps my penis could be nestled in one armpit, my testicles snug in the other. makes a whole new social situation out of putting your arm around a girl.

and bit of a sticky wicket trying to get your armpit into her thicket.

doc off man – foto by smith

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