Month: March 2008

  • good groin bad groin

    cup of Tanetze coffee – foto by smith feel like cold spit warmed over, then mixed with rotting molasses. this is my second day without coffee, and i am dragging. bit of zombie, bit of narcolepsy, bit of slug, lot of lazy. the good side of my groin seems to be going bad. the bad […]


    THEY NEVER TURN THE LIGHTS OFF HERE The neighbor needed some money The neighbor sold me to the takers with white lipped sobriety thinking of his family The takers FedEX pragmatic packages diapered, hooded and chained in container planes way out from who cares where to nowhere I wait in patient fluorescent in the big […]

  • b 4 n aft r

    before Lady K – foto by smith after Lady K – foto by smith

  • hell bus back

    men’s restroom door, El Pochote Market – foto by smith get up at 4:48 in the morning to run up the slippery steep hill in the rain to catch the 5 hour Hell Bus back to Oaxaca. only seats left were the back seats, which is similar to riding an evil tempered trampoline. the young […]

  • mountain high, coffee deep – day 2

    banana trees next to host’s house – foto by smith “up in the mornin. out in the field. work like a dog for my pay. but that lucky ole sun ain’t got nuthin to do but roll round heaven all day.” 1949 song. never trust time estimates. easter we thought we’d be walking an hour […]

  • wrong way day gone right

    wrong road Mexican mountain pig – foto by smith i go up-mountain to pick coffee weighing 178. come back 172. not bad for a 6 foot 3 inch 62 year old man. walking up and down mountains is serious weight reducing work. went this time with our gringo lady friend who had suggested we go […]

  • BEAUTIFUL JUNK: new issue of the City (poetry, art, photography webzine)

    the City, Issue 21: BEAUTIFUL JUNK – Current issue: – Interview: Gary & Laura Dumm – Poetry, Art & Photography Photo by Peter Dell ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ some sample issue snips, juicy bits: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ from BEFORE THE MATCH by Bree I want to get cursed And not care I want to be chosen And refuse ~~ […]

  • mountain high, coffee deep

    Cherries, a Zapotec coffee cat – foto by smith away four days. come home to long list of myspace blog friends to read. bit overwhelming, but i feel if folk read me, i need to read them to keep the two-way going. getting hard to do. so much time, too much life. had several goals […]

  • ABANDONED (fotoblog)

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  • up coffee mountain

    one-rear-legged Mexican mountain grasshopper – foto by smith back from 4 days up mountain, picking coffee and visiting our indigenous family. i wrote 22 haiku, plus one with Lady K who’s sick as a dog again, though not as sick as the dog the bus from hell hit on our way home today. this is […]