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corps & creeps

graffiti – foto by smith

the u.s. social security administration has screwed me. because of their incompetence, i have to reapply for my benefits which were to start this month. that means every month it takes costs me a lost month of benefits. i answered every question they asked, supllied them with every official document they requested, and they fluxed it up anyway. a competent bureaucrat is an oxymoron.

reality seems a wee bit peeved i left the u.s. barcode box and started living life happy.

o well, my problems are so small compared to most folk, i can’t gripe about the little things. while other folk living up north in the cold have to get up to go to work for the corps and creeps who own it all, i relax down here under my sweet southern sun and midnight mexican moon.

still, i gotta admit, this is bumming me out – the creeps and the corps are trying to rip me off. never did trust the bastards, and they’re certainly proving me right.

ps addendum –

before i rail against all government employees, i must admit i’ve found a few good ones. we’ve called the sandusky ohio s.s. office thrice, and always received courteous help. and we’ve called the national 800 s.s. number thrice, and each time we’ve gotten immediate help and answers. they even emailed the painesville ohio s.s. office and told them to contact me, which of course they did not.

today we called the 800 number and told them the whole story, including that we’re living in mexico and using her mom’s ohio address as ours. mentioned the painful painesville office said i had to reapply. the 800 lady made a few calls, told me my birth certificate is indeed in the system, and that i do not have to reapply. she’s having the sandusky office call me today sometime to work things out. maybe they will be worked out, maybe they won’t – but at least s.s. folk are trying to help. see what happens.

i think the next Stephen King horror novel is to be titled The Painesville Ohio Social Security Office. at least they’re living up to their PAINesville name.

pps-adendum2 –

got a call from the s.s. office. they say my claim has been approved as of today and i’ll receive my 1st check next month. if true, hallelujah. if not, try again. wait and see.

i hate being at the mercy of others. but to be free in this world as it is, one needs money or power. i’ve neither. just have principles and inner anger.

graffiti – foto by smith

4 Responses to “corps & creeps”

  1. Jacklakewood says:

    Congratulations! Looks like if you didn’t exactly beat the system you at least rounded up a few of its loose ends. I hope the check shows on time like they said.

  2. MadM says:

    “i hate being at the mercy of others. but to be free in this world as it is, one needs money or power. i’ve neither. just have principles and inner anger.”

    (sigh) I do, do, do identify with that right now. Tho some of the inner gets outer.

  3. smith says:

    welcome to the club – we’ve got far too many members.

  4. Jesus Crisis says:

    Sounds like the United Aches of America….

    Good luck, my friend!

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