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flux university

white bird dance – foto by smith

Flux U – that’s the school of life i attended. their majors were Learn & Live and Live & Learn, with minors in Learn & Earn and Earn & Live. only problem is the school is endless, never lets up or out. i hope there’s no school on the other side, after death. i just want endless summer vacation. when i die, i want to be unaware and really dead.

poster – foto by smith

5 Responses to “flux university”

  1. Jesus says:

    Endless summer vactaion sounds good to me!

  2. Jesus says:

    Guess I don’t have to know how to spell it to enjoy it… lol.

  3. smith says:

    “vactaion” – i like it . . . it’s like a vaccinated vacation, or an evacuated ion. freud said there were no typos. or was than jung?

  4. barbie says:

    ……i hope i die dead, too… this art, but TOTALLY fascinated by your doodles in the prior blog…. ..oh, and your hand writing is really kinda man pretty….???

  5. smith says:

    thanks barbie – yea, my handwriting back then was too pretty…. since then got rid of the little circles over the I’s.

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