Month: May 2008

  • torn between the knowledge & the need

    graffiti – foto by smith the artist who was supposed to deliver our pre-paid clay sculpture wednesday night rang our buzzer at 8 friday morning – without the sculpture. his car wouldn’t start, and the sculpture has since been damaged. but he salvaged part of it in a new piece and will give us that […]

  • sweets succinctly sour

    political graffiti – foto by smith this is from 1993, and is perhaps my most poetic poem – the sounds slither. one of three poems of mine included in this year’s Cleveland Poetry Scenes – A Panorama and Anthology Alone This Train I look to pain to gain Sleep devoid of sheep And master’s muster […]

  • screen-saver heart

    one of our plants – foto by smith blogging is an ego-driven phenomenon. why would anyone think another human would be interested in their daily thoughts and actions? we all have lives, so why would we need to spend ours reading of another’s? considering the time most folk spend in front of a tv, it […]

  • dreadlock no-show

    graffiti – foto by smith 43 pages and 25,000 words of our book are gone, deleted, tossed out the window because Lady decided they impeded our story flow. and she’s right. the missing stuff also made me look meaner, shallower, and weaker as well. been a good culture week – read an excellent book in […]

  • than then

    street wall shrine – foto by smith i’ve two as yet unfulfilled travel adventure desires – 1) cross the equator, and 2) view the aurora borealis or the aurora australis (the northern lights or the southern lights). we can head down south america at the equinox and do both – maybe september. that would add […]

  • butterfly patch

    butterfly dance – foto by smith we followed a mountain stream, flowers, and butterflies 90 minutes up mountain to a waterfall. we sat in the sun at the base of the cascading water and smoked. we hit a butterfly patch in the path – hundreds of small black & red ones and five purpleblue – […]

  • oaxaca town tune

    wig woman – foto by smith oaxaca town tune everyday city haiku these from me to you truck clang, bus roar, more laughing, yelling, crying too street sing a long song brown skins watch my white face, my pace, my white rat race grin in sympathy slim silver sliced moon silky black mexican sky marijuana […]

  • peacock of poets

    graffiti – foto by smith for 5 months now we’ve tried to find poetry readings here. Lady finally gave up and created one. lady wants, lady does. she’s now the proud host of the first sunday of every month open mic poetry reading at Cafe Los Cuiles – first reading will be in 8 days. […]


    One of the cool things about Oaxaca is there’s actually a kind of functioning citizenship. Marches on the streets almost every day for various collective interests. The zocalo (town square) is occupied now by striking teachers and APPO. APPO is a non-partisan movement with many objectives such as ousting the governor and it advocates the […]

  • my dinner with myself

    political graffiti – foto by smith The night before the night before Xmas, I ate at the Dragon Inn. or Out. Same old odor: Tsingtoa beer, egg roll, pork fried rice (it always makes my foreskin tingle) when ! ! C ! R ! A ! S ! H ! ! someone threw 2 rocks […]