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dreadlock no-show

graffiti – foto by smith

43 pages and 25,000 words of our book are gone, deleted, tossed out the window because Lady decided they impeded our story flow. and she’s right. the missing stuff also made me look meaner, shallower, and weaker as well.

been a good culture week – read an excellent book in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple (much much better than the movie), and watched a fine film titled There Will Be Blood starring Daniel Day-Lewis based on an Upton Sinclair novel. both are about obsession. the book ends happily, the movie in madness. we also bought a used copy of Neil Gaiman’s underground novel American Gods for $3. been wanting to re-read that one for a couple years. kulchur oozing out all over the place.

more culture – a dreadlocked artist tried to sell us a 20″ red clay free standing sculpture of the head of Pacal the Great who ruled Mayans from 615 to 683 A.D. wanted $20 for the original sculpture. it was too big to take with us, so we gave him 200 pesos and a note with our address and asked him to bring it by tonight. if he shows up, we’ll get stoned, show him our art, talk. if he disappears, then he needed the twenty dollars more than we did.

later – dreadlocks did not show. he may still turn up. lots of possible reasons he didn’t show. he knows where our poetry reading is sunday. still, if he doesn’t show, that’s how it goes. he’s an artist living out of his car, so if we don’t ever see him or our sculpture again, then we’ve still done some good. we were only buying the mayan head to help in the first place.

political graffiti – foto by smith

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  1. ke says:

    Did you ever read Suttree by Cormac McCarthy? One of the best books I’ve ever read. Very funny, poetic, rustic, & beautiful. The language is fantastic. He wrote The Road & No Country For Old Men (another great movie). I also really enjoyed There Will Be Blood. A movie hard to pigeon hole. It’s the square peg in the round hole. Daniel Day Lewis is a very powerful actor.

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