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They used to say, “You’re getting two presidents for the price of one.” They used to say, “I didn’t know who was going to run first, Hill, or Bill.” What they meant is that Hillary is a real game player.

I ponder Hillary’s humiliated heart. It hurt so bad. She had a pretty face way back when, except when it was manipulated in the tabloids. She had large dark eyebrows and soccer mom streaked hair. Rush Limbaugh tried to get her and her little girl, too. I liked her.

Hillary Clinton became a new woman. I don’t know who this woman is and I don’t understand the bait coming from her mouth. Perhaps the process of sticking with Power, with Bill, made her face into a mask, a metaphor. Senate cemented the mask, and her hair turned into a helmet. Except in good lighting, or after Botox treatments, or after she has a good week of healthy lifestyle exercise, her face is fraught, lead, sodden. It is pitted and lined and pancaked with error. Her voice grates with hateful false pragmatism for the benefit of the lowest unnuanced denominator. She wears too much blue and too many Future suits. She looks like a darling fascist Mother America, the bad villain in a poorly written movie that just won’t end. Her smile luminesces little pearls in the photo above the story reporting an income of a hundred mill. O, Momma, what happened to your face?

In Fantasy Pipe Dream World, I imagine Hillary Clinton playing yet a different part. I imagine her pulling herself out of the global corporate ambition bootstraps into a brand new She being. This Hillary Clinton would say, “Shucks, I was just kidding when I politicked with racist inuendo. I just had to play a part, you see, for the corporate sponsorship. But now I got their money, I’m gonna forget them, and I’m gonna be true to you.”

How did everything go bad? It’s because the Game is a centrifuge. Only Players of the Game have access to power. Power gives Money money, Money gives Power power, and Power takes money from you and me. And Power gives power to Power, taking power from you and me. Ego is a failing star.


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