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Archive for May, 2008

don’t defecate upstream

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

advert – foto by smith

earthlings are screwed.

things are bad and getting badder faster than before. for example, the amount of greenhouse gasses released into earth’s air from 1970 to 2000 rose 1.5 parts per million each year – but since 2000, the annual rise has leapt to 2.1ppm. the growth rate last year was 2.14ppm.

since we started talking about global warming and the need to cut greenhouse gas emissions to save ourselves, we’ve actually greatly increased said poisons and shortened our future.

right now there’s more green house gas in Earth’s air than anytime in the past 650,000 years. most of it has been added since the industrial revolution. we can measure the bad gas concentration for millions of years from air trapped in ice glaciers. this ain’t rocket science here – we’re pissing and shitting and farting in our own beds.

and the scientists estimating how bad it’s going to get and how quickly are using the 1970 numbers for their guestimates. they say we’re toast by 2050. i say 2012.

global warming is altering weather patterns which of course affect growing seasons and harvests and food prices. there’s already fatal food riots in Haiti and Egypt where food prices have doubled in the last two years because of more people, rising standards of living, costlier oil, and bio-fuels taking food from the mouths of the poor to make gas for the rich.

people in the united states eat an average of 3,770 calories per day. doctors recommend 2,000. we know many of the poor eat far less than 2,000 calories per day, so that means a lot of americans are eating 5,000 or more. here piggy piggy piggy – may i lead you to slaughter?

our three biggest problems (all tied to global warming) are lack of drinkable water, melting ice caps, and the poisoning of the seas (our greatest food bin).

the toxins we’re putting into the sea are changing the PH factor. life in the sea has a very narrow range of acidic acceptance, and we’re close to it already. we’re losing our ocean coral beds, we’ve fished our major fish to extinction, the fish we do take are toxic, and several of our major sea currents are in danger of being shut down – which would turn england into iceland.

we’re going to have people fighting people, nations fighting nations, and the rich fighting everybody for water, food, shelter, and gas for the SUVs. personally i think manufacturing an SUV should qualify as a crime against humanity and Mother Earth. SUV manufacturers and buyers should be tried and jailed for mass murder since they’re killing the rest of us.

many scientists think we’re already past the tipping point where it’s too late to save ourselves. others feel there’s still time. even if there is time, it doesn’t make any difference because we’re NOT going to cut back on green house gasses, or reduce our oil use. so the Chicken Little end is nigh. the sky has fallen and it can’t get up.

so what’s left? nothing except live your life with the least amount of damage to Earth and each other. make your own corner a happier, saner place. be forgiving of others. make your own corner brighter, and you give those around you a less stressful environment to react to. they may become happier and spread more joy around them. that brightness could spread.

just because we as humans are dying off, that doesn’t mean we can’t be graceful about it, gentle and generous with each other.

the main part of this message is things are broke – they’re bad going worse. there’s no savior or solution on the horizon. this it is the it it is, and it ain’t the it it was and never again will be until we’re gone and Mother Earth purges herself of our cancer.

so if you have a dream you’ve always wanted to follow, best do it now cuz later is severely limited.

i’ve barely touched on the surface of all we’ve done wrong, all the ways we’re ruining earth, the myriad means with which we foul our nest. i mean think about it – iraq and iran used to be lush forest until man came along and ate everything he could, burned most the rest for fuel, and poisoned the remains with our runoff. forests + man = desert.

if you watched earth’s history from space, man’s slow spread over the earth would appear cancerous. welcome to the cancer award.

we’ve broken earth and we ain’t fixing her, so wake up and smell the feces.

Mother Earth – foto by smith


dream words

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

siesta Lady – foto by smith

got this email from a MySpace friend

~ ~ ~

last night, just as i was falling asleep, i got a poem going through my head about you and Lady coming up with “water is sneaky”. i fell asleep before i could write it down.

this morning i remembered most of it, except for the last bit, which i remember really liking. oh well…

here’s what i threw together this afternoon:

i can picture you,
capturing his slippery words,
as they drip
from his mouth
in a font not yet made.

you take his words
and spout a sneaky collage,
that bounces off surfaces
when read aloud.

– *hugs* – meribeth

~ ~ ~

here’s our poem she’s referring to:



water is sneaky. also, patient, and insidious.
it’ll beat against you for thousands of years
in big waves
until it smoothes you down
or breaks you apart.

or it’ll lie still in quiet pools,
and insidiously work
on the weakest




and moving.

And then when water does slowly sneak
inside, and lie in wait,

then it can FREEZE and EXPAND with


(so water is sneaky,

while SOUND is slippery
(and sneaky)

SOUND slip slides off every flat surface

SOUND double or triple slip slides

skips from here
to there

(so you think what came from there
came from here.)

SOUND plays tag with yr ears
and lies
a lot.

Plus, in destructive force, SOUND


wears away

– Lady & Smith, January 2008

political graffiti – foto by smith


comic book philosophy part II

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

This is part II. Click here to read part I.


liquid lotus

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

paper mache frog mask in Lady art – foto by smith

shucks, we’ve been deprived of our potential illegal alien status – our FM3 visa came through today, so we’re legal for another 12 months. we’ll live here 11 months to run out our cable internet contract, then move further south to where it’s cheaper, less polluted, and has more water.

fogging lotus, blind lotus, liquid lotus, slice of lime. i’ve come to worship water.

much of my life has been a hanging on, an enduring, out waiting things until things got better, hoping always there was an other side which led to light. life is lighter now since i met lady. we’re in a place of sun, creating, 3 goals gone done, set to set our near way’s wend.

the eyes are never full, the brain never quiet.

graffiti – foto by smith


hand bit

Monday, May 12th, 2008

1972 journal doodle – foto by smith

weird and unpleasant developments with the father who asked me to take down my fotos of his daughter i had in a collage online. i took them down immediately, then explained to him how much it cost me emotionally to do so since they were fotos of the last art outing my mom had before she died.

he then attacked me for being pure ego, denigrated my blog and theory of art, explained he was a more enlightened spirit than i was, and asked that i never to contact him again. even compared me to president bush. man asks a favor, i grant the favor, the man attacks me. i believe his school of religion must be one where no good deed goes unpunished

beware the “spiritually evolved.” i’ve learned in this life those who have to tell you they are spiritually advanced and are walking a higher plane than you are, aren’t. i’ve also found those in the wrong often attack those they’ve wronged. but i forgive him – after all, he’s further up the spiritual ladder than i am.

we’ve been in mexico 5 months. we’ve 30 days left on our 6 month visa. were supposed to receive our 1-year visa 6 weeks ago, but not a word. in 30 days we become illegal aliens. way cool, i always wanted to be an illegal alien. wonder if we get a spaceship with that?

how does the past accumulate since it is always today, always now? where do yesterdays come from? where do todays go? how does tomorrow slip into today then slide into yesterday? how does this endless now i wander dazedly through become so many distinct and finite thens?

roof water tank across the way over-filled – foto by smith


Comic Book Philosophy

Sunday, May 11th, 2008


lose-lose situation

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

detail of 1973 collage from journal – foto by smith

someone wanted to know why 14 fotos have disappeared from my online memorial collage of Mother Dwarf’s last art outing – a piece i called The First & Last Annual Gathering Of The Norman Rockwell Lawn Poets Society.

those 14 fotos featured a young child. today the father asked me to take her name and fotos offline. for some reason, even though they’ve been online for 3 years, he decided they were a threat to his daughter. i don’t think so – there’s no way the child now can be identified from her fotos then, there’s too great a change from the one-year old person to the 4-year old…

i checked the laws and found i didn’t have to remove them because they were taken in a public place. and i didn’t want to remove them because it was a special collage honoring my mother’s last gathering – she died 6 weeks later.

but i couldn’t leave them up because even if i don’t understand his logic, he’s still the parent and it wouldn’t be right not to comply. so i blanked them out, just left a note on each explaining they were removed per his request. this way it loses its magic, but continues as an interactive performance art piece.

this is a lose-lose situation for me. it was one of my favorite foto montages. its magic came from the year old child interacting with my dying mother. the piece was also a factor in my winning my wife’s love.

the father’s an artist and poet as well, and i found his request i eviscerate one of my creations somewhat insensitive. it left a bad taste in my soul all day, ate at my mind. but eviscerate i did. so be it. this it is the it it is. now i leave this slice of doubt behind and go on to the next slice. they say life is what keeps happening to you while you keep trying to figure out what’s going on.

internet / store across the street – foto by smith


pet soldiers

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

1972 journal collage – foto by smith

the pentagon has admitted using a pet crematorium to cremate 200 soldiers who died in iraq and afghanistan.

amazing – they lie us into an illegal war, kill 4,000 americans, murder over one million iraqis, ignore the physically and mentally damaged soldiers who come back, burn dead soldiers in a pet crematorium, and then have the gall to say WE have to support our troops, that we’re undercutting the troops by pointing out the futility and illegality of the war.

can you say “sleazy cowardly scum-sucking liars”?

george bush – traitor
dick cheney – traitor and thief
all the white house and most everyone in congress – war criminals

political graffiti – foto by smith


radio one

Friday, May 9th, 2008

graffiti – foto by smith

lady says “you’re … something,” and trails off. i tell her i’m a lone radio station from a far off place, with no format, no frequency, no tuning dial.

political graffiti – foto by smith

political protest – foto by smith


now time

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

U.R.O., governor of Oaxaca – foto by smith

our friend Chiplis–who twice loaned us his little love shack out back to live in–wrote “is it time to relax a minute now that the book is done and the social security pipeline is finally plumbed? for a minute?”

well, the only thing that ever soothes me inside is creating, or doing something specific like washing dishes. it’s all the in-between life activities i find uncomfortable. that’s why i like reading and watching movies so much because they eat “now-time”.

our now-time is becoming new-time because we had 2 goals here – get social security and finish the book. now that we’ve done both, we have to figure out what our life is to be down here. i’m starting my table collage, and once we get our yearly visa (that was supposed to be at the end of march), we can do some side travel to guatemala, peru and belize – lady would like to visit suriname again since she was down there with her grandfather when she was 4-5.

i think now is the time for lady to blossom even more. she’s been obsessed with me these past 33 months, and with our book these past 2 years. now she can work on getting herself some art and foto shows down here, and on her own fictionalized novel of her past. i’ve been me a long long time – i think perhaps this is her time to become more her.

who knows, cept The Shadow. all i know is this is the longest most cohesive most interesting and rewarding adventure i’ve been on, and i’ve been on a few in my time. adventures are more fun when you have adventure-mates, and i’ve not found another in lady’s category. life is sweet in this unknown paradise.

caffeinated rabbit on restroom door blackboard in coffee shop – foto by smith


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